Will our erstwhile mayor forsake us?

When Mayor Gavin Newsom ducked out of the gubernatorial race two weeks ago, many of us wondered what his next move would be.

Would he step in to save the 500 city and school district jobs that were cut this month? Would we finally get the organic urban agriculture project we’ve heard so much about? Would he at least explain his decision?

No, he would not. Instead, he went to Hawaii.

Caught off guard and denied their rightful press conference, political commentators wrung their hands in despair. “Newsom Silent For 10 Days,” “Newsom Hasn’t Tweeted in 13 days,” “Newsom Talked to the New York Times and Not Us!”

Meanwhile, the Board of Supervisors voted this week to overturn Newsom’s veto on a new law that would change the sanctuary city policy on reporting undocumented youth to immigration.

Aside from a few cryptic tweets earlier this week, Newsom still isn’t talking.

The silent treatment, however, has done little to stop the theatrics at city hall.

Suspicious of a letter Newsom wrote leaving Supervisor Carmen Chu in charge of the city during his absence, Supervisor Chris Daly grabbed a magnifying glass, marched into the Mayor’s office, and demanded to see the evidence.

Although a thorough investigation was conducted, Daly has yet to comment on his findings. No word yet on why the letter’s authenticity was in question.

If Daly’s looking to get into the graphology business, he may soon get his chance.

This week former Police Commissioner Theresa Sparks announced her plans to run for Daly’s District 6 seat at city hall.

The transgender, 2003 Woman of the Year’s candidacy could lead to an all out battle, completely redefining the San Francisco left-to-über-left political spectrum. And the mud-slinging has already begun.

With both Daly and Newsom terming-out of office, 2010 is sure to be a year of change in San Francisco.

Which begs the question: can we imagine city hall without the Newsom/Daly dichotomy? Will it be moderate-left, far-left, or just left behind?

Maybe our Mayor will have some answers for us — as soon as he starts speaking. Or tweeting. Or whatever.

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Born and raised in Seal Beach, California, Heather Duthie studied Political Science and Community Studies as an undergraduate. She went on to work on a number of documentary films and for Link Television. She has lived in the Mission District for the past 5 years, and currently covers government for Mission Loc@l.

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  1. As a D6 resident, I hope that Sup. Daly identifies these “great progressive candidates” before next year’s election so that I can vote against them.