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Activists Protesting Deportations Arrested in SF

In an effort to draw attention to the deportation of immigrants fleeing violence, in particular those from Central America, protesters blocked the intersections of Sansome Street with Washington and Jackson streets today. 16 protesters were arrested and later released. For several hours, protesters marched in circles around clusters of chained activists sitting in the intersections, situated in front of the San Francisco branch of...

La Vida de un Estudiante Indocumentado, Parte Uno

Eran casi las siete de la mañana del 15 de septiembre de 2010. Steve Li estaba en piyama cuando escuchó que alguien tocaba fuerte la puerta. Li fue a despertar a su mamá para ver si esperaba a alguien. No, contestó ella. El toquido siguió, y se levantó para abrir la puerta mientras Li iba al baño. Fue entonces cuando...
The Celebi-Ariners at Oakland's Eat Real Festival in August. (Photo by Adelaide Chen)

Privilege Became Punishment for Popular Street Cart Vendor

The Amuse Bouche vendor blended in easily among the Mission's world of hip street food carts. But Celebi-Ariner's impending deportation is a story many Mission residents know all too well.