The Amuse Bouche street cart vendor who was picked up by immigrations agents two weeks ago, will leave for Paris on Thursday, according to an e-mail sent out by his wife.

“Dear Friends, It is now final: Murat will be leaving the country on Thursday, November 12th,” wrote Pelin Celebi-Ariner, his wife who may join him later this year. “Our request for deferred action was denied, and even though we filed our green card application it did not bring about a reversal in ICE’s decision to deport him.”

Mrs. Celebi-Ariner said they had considered delaying the process, but decided it was not “worth the gamble” and spending more time in the Yuba County Jail. “So, I bought his plane ticket today,” she wrote in an e-mail sent late Tuesday night.

“I will never forget the t-shirts, the good wishes, the many many offers of legal, financial and emotional assistance. I know that once Murat is back in France and reads all of his emails he will have things to say of his own, so I am leaving it at that,” she wrote.

Her e-mail ended, “Make your mouth Happy!!!”

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