Back in the Today’s Mission hot seat! And that usually means two things: food and photography.

It’s from a few days ago, but our friends at the new photo club Caliber have been hard at work making some great images. Troy Holden (aka, the photographer formerly known as Plug1) took this image of Mayor Gavin Newsom tagging a wall. I wonder what his tag looked like?

Also, check Chronicle photographer Mike Kepka’s latest “The City Exposed” column on Mr. Smiling Banjo – Dick Stanley, who can be seen picking away at BART stations (including 24th and Mission). Plus it’s got an interview and bonus banjo pickin’!

And from the Mission Local Flickr pool, check out Amla’s great shot (and story!) of Johnny Geetar. Photo below, but click the link to read the story. It’s worth the click.

They call me Johnny Geetar

OK and now for some “news.” It looks like San Francisco is going to start easing up on unlicensed drivers, or at least not immediately impounding their cars, according to Matier and Ross.

And this is a little out of the Mission, but the SF Green Party is having a “we can’t pay rent so we’re having a party and ditching this joint” party at their office at 1028 Howard Street tomorrow. Fun starts at 6pm.