Rachel from The Loin's Mouth and Joe from Speciousspecies

UPDATE@6:35 Sunday Streets Comes back to the Mission this Sunday and YES Mission Loc@l will be there. Check out SF Gates guide to the open streets including Mural tours, Aztec dancers, and the Symphony in Dolores Park. Not sure what to expect, that’s okay Stefania Rousselle shows you what to expect.

UPDATE@5:54:  Muni Diaries does a round up of the latest attempts to get Muni riders to pay their fares, but as Armand Emamdjomeh found in his 24 hour bus ride, it’s unlikely to work. Drivers can’t force anyone to pay and imagine if they could! Wow. Fireworks galore.

Market Watch reports Cisco is laying off 700 employees.  Does this mean fewer diners for Mission District restaurants or a lot of young techies taking off for Europe?

Safari users here’s your link to the feature on soccer at Garfield Square by Betty Bastidas.

Amazing how anyone broke–i.e. the city–tries to cash in the innovation of others.  Healthy food carts? Great, give us $1,000 a month and set one up.  The SF Examiner has the full story.  I doubt we’ll see many Mission District carts getting in line for the chance to serve healthy food for a fee. Okay, well, maybe creme brulee, pies and muffins aren’t the healthiest in the world.

Design Sponge takes us into a pretty cool Liberty Hill, Mission District House.  And if you want to see what happens on the outside, watch this movie on graffiti in the Mission that also involved Luis Saguar who died on July 8. Huge loss.

Thanks to everyone who came out for our meet-up last night at Shotwells.  So amazing what SF’s bloggers manage.  People like Eugenia at Muni Diaries,  or Rachel M., from The Loin’s Mouth in the Tenderloin. Rachel M., the editor,  has just moved to the Mission, but the Tenderloin blog will continue.   Welcome to the Mission!

Also thanks to neighbor Julie Chao and others for visiting.  Julie reminded us that it’s time for an empanada taste off–with Chile Lindo on 22nd, and her husband’s empandas at Venga at the old La Victoria.  There’s also apparently a Peruvian empanada maker?

More later. Here’s some pix from Shotwell’s.

Rachel from The Loin’s Mouth and Joe from Speciousspecies
Stefania loves a party. To her right, Anthony, our guest from the East refused to put on his new hat!
Eugenia taking a break from the Muni.
I don’t think Betty believes a word of Armand is saying.
Armand’s back, Rigo’s cool jacket and ML’s visiting scholar from Mexico, Andrea.
Neighbor Julie, soon to be contributor Bill McLeod and Leslie from NYT.

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