Hope someone got to bed last night with all the fireworks going on.

For Safari users, here’s your link to our feature on Michael Arcega, one of the artists competing for the Valencia St. art project.

Here are two photos from Mission District events. Pre-planning for the barbecue on Dolores St. and inside, some fancy footwork at a July 4th Quinceaños.

Getting ready for the barbecue.

Getting ready for the barbecue.

Kimberly Aleman with her father, First dance as a Senorita.

Kimberly Aleman with her father, First dance as a Señorita.

There are more celebrations this week, but first the meetings.

Enrique Peñalosa, the former mayor of Bogota, who gave SF the idea for Sunday Streets, will be at the main library on Tuesday at 5:30; on Wednesday there will be a panel at the Women’s building on the legacy of the WPA, and at 6:30 and on Thursday at the Women’s Building there will be a discussion about the history and future of the struggle for LGBT liberation.  More posts can be found at San Francisco FYI.

As to the City Government, the Supes will meet as scheduled on Tuesday to raise fees on a lot of things.  A few:

+$21.09 to get a street artists certificate ($154.16).
+$15 to $30 for certain inspections.
+ $2 to get a certificate so that your relatives can prove you are dead ($7). I wonder if Gogol would have paid the hike.
and +++ from $340 to $607 if you want to cut down 1-3 trees to develop or build.
Oh, and smokers, + 20 cents a pack for butt abatement…many more.

You can check these out here to decide it any are worth the trip downtown on Tuesday.

Or you can save your energy on culture.   There’s an  ongoing play at Brava, The Rules of the Game, the start of the Encuento de Teatro on Wednesday night at the Mission Cultural Center and upstairs the same night the amazing Mamacoatl. And on Thursday night an opening curated by long time Mission District artist Romero Osario at the SOMA arts. More on Romero soon. On Friday there’s a CD Release party for La Bohemia at Brava.

But get started early–there’s salsa today  at Casa Sanchez on 24th Street@York across from the Brava Theater.  From 1pm to 5pm or more.  Humberto on trombone  and more.   No cover.

Hasta pronto.