Okay, Safari users who want to read the feature photo story of all those bikers at the Victoria theater for the Bicycle and Film Festival, here’s your link.

And for those of you too busy to check us on Saturday go to SHALWAH EVANS on the lottery. Got a little habit?

Okay, the noteworthy in blogland, a This American Life segment pointed out on Mission Mission that takes us back to 2001 and the end of the dot com boom’s impact on the Mission District.

I have to say, I’m not getting the whole thing around the Google icons  that have hurtled toward earth and dropped near great establishments weighing in at 800-pounds. (weightlessness in space helps A LOT)

In a walk around the Mission Saturday, one was in front of Monument, apparently style-director-Elizabeth-Varnell’s favorite place.  And it’s a fine store, but better than 21X Modern north at 890 Valencia? (closed for renovation) Or the completely disorganized but full of goodies, The Touch at 956 Valencia. But jeeze, don’t tell Google that, we might end up with more 800 pound pins blasting toward earth.

The winners of these monstrosities were kinder  about them when STEFANIA ROUSSELLE inquired what they thought of them—THAT became the operative word—but not much.

Come to think of it, I wonder what Elizabeth Varnell things of the icon’s style.

Yes the Range, Tartine Bakery and other places chosen by trendsetters are amazing, but so are many others in this neighborhood of excellent cooks, which makes me wonder about reviewing these days.  We have La Comida Loca, but no one’s reviewed anything in the last couple of weeks and some of it is that you go in and gee, everything takes pretty good.  Is it time to start a column, these aren’t dogs? OR these are dogs?

Enough Sunday morning ruminating. Today is the 30th Anniversary of the Nicaraguan Revolution and in its honor we’re putting up a special report from Nicaragua later today. So hold onto your hats, more reading coming.

Or read us later and scoot off  to Sunday Streets, the Symphony at Dolores at 2,  Philosophy Talk at noon and 3 and the Sf.Streetsblog party at 2 in front of Valencia Cyclery.

What’s coming up for the week will be posted later today.  But one quick reminder of an important community meeting.  Thursday from 9:30 to 11:30 at the Mission District Police Station to meet the artists who have been selected to propose a public art project for Mission Street.  You can see their profiles here.

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