The play begins  at Garfield Square, at 25th and Harrison streets with pick up soccer in the morning and later the league players, ages  3 to 19 years old play Monday through Friday from 4 to 8pm.   For many soccer fans, Garfield’s year old turf is considered the best field in the district and so it’s rarely empty.

This summer players and coaches are more on edge, always  worried that budget cuts will mean fewer hours or the loss of  its recreation director Jose Guzman. Mission Loc@l talked to Guzman from San Francisco’s Park and Recreations Department to hear about life at Garfield Square. The schedule is listed below.

Monday Through Friday: Pick-up soccer 9-3pm & 4-8pm Soccer Youth Programming

Monday:  3-5 years old play from 5-6pm
Tuesday and Thursdays:  Co-Ed Soccer Camps from 5-6pm
Under 11 Practice from 6-8pm
Fridays: Mom’s soccer 6-8pm