Google Pins: II

Life-size pins will take off for the virtual world on August 5. By STEFANIA ROUSSELLE


The Google pins that hurtled to earth last week, gaining 800 pounds along the way, will mark the favorite spots of Google trendsetters for only three weeks, according to the Department of Public Works, which issues temporary sidewalk permits.

Unless Google gets a new permit, the pins will take off for the virtual world on August 5, Gloria Chan from public works said.

In the meantime, Google pays the city $55.30 per day for each location for a total of $3,276 for the six Mission pins and $30,194 for the 26 San Francisco locations.

Mission District establishments chosen as a favorite place by one of the Google trendsetters said last week that they were honored, but surprised by the size of the live icons that are part of an advertising campaign for Google maps. (Click here for the Part 1 of the story )

Chan said that if restaurant or shop owners consider the pins a threat to security or too big for the sidewalk, public works would inspect.  “We work for the community, for the economic vitally of the businesses of San Francisco,” she said. “If the owners think that the pins are a threat to the security of their shop or restaurant, we can send inspectors.”

Chan said she had “no comment” on the aesthetics of the pins.

Elaine Filadelfo, from Google communications declined to name who designed the pins.  “It is not about the life-size pins, it is about celebrating a business,” Filadelfo said.

The pins, she added,  are not art but “ a trophy.”

Neither Alice Waters  of  Chez Panisse or Tiffany Schlain, the Webby Award founder,  knew their Google map icons would weigh-in at 800 pounds.

“I like the idea,” Schlain said but added that she had not yet seen one.  Waters too had yet to see the icons, an assistant said.

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