The mystery of the missing Pickle is nearing its end.  After a Breaking News alert on Mission Mission that The Pickler moved to Oakland, Kevin Montgomery shortly received word that some folks at Yahoo had tracked down significant information regarding the perpetrator, who said that he would soon return Mr. Pickles.  He called the incident “just a prank that has gone too far.”  Concerned Mission District residents will be pleased to see the happy character returned to its home.

UPDATE: Concerned Mission District residents are pleased to see the happy character home at least!

Another character happy to be home is Mission Loc@l reporter Armand Emamjomeh.  After spending a super-sized day in McDonald’s on 24th Street from open to close (5:30am-11pm) on Thursday, the fast food fed reporter is more than happy to be back in the Mission office with access to plug outlets, and away from the temptations of McFlurrys and Quarter Pounders.  Three large cups of McDonald’s coffee and a knitted monkey hat helped him get through the nearly 18 hour day.

Lights out was the case for Mission Street, between 23 and 24th today.  A power outage on the block barely slowed traffic, as drivers were courteous enough to incorporate Stop sign etiquette.  According to a cashier in Shiekh Shoes the power first went out around 2 p.m.  Business owners said it didn’t last long enough cause too much trouble.  A resident on 26th and Valencia said the power went out briefly in her home as well.  Surrounding blocks on Mission Street seemed to be unaffected.

Around 5 p.m. there was a small crowd in front of the 24th Street BART station as Bay Area Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador chanted in Spanish, holding up red FMLN banners, celebrating a political victory in the small Latin American country.  They were also handing out fliers for events coming up in the Mission District sponsored by their organization and the FMLN-SF.

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