Today’s Mission: 05.04.09

Urban fun.

Love it or hate it, our Power Exchange coverage has triggered some heated comments on our site lately. ML’s Angela Kilduff went back to talk to Mike Powers and reports that the sex club owner isn’t giving up and will be relocating soon. While you wait to see what happens, check out the Current video on the Powers family that Kilduff mentions in her article. The conservative upbringing, kids working at dad’s sex club … does anyone else see potential for a reality TV show?

On the urban fun front, we hear that swings aren’t only for BART anymore. There could be more swings around town. Watch the video here.

And here’s a daily reminder for our upcoming photo show:

Mission Loc@l Reception and Silent Auction

Thurs., May 7, 6-9pm. L’s Caffe, 2871 24th St. 415.206.0274

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