The recession, it seems, is about more than lost jobs. It’s about lost lust. Porn isn’t recession-proof; it’s merely recession-resistant, the Chronicle reported today. Even the burgeoning outfit is suffering, having laid off 13 people last month. Favorite observation from Kink founder Peter Acworth:

“The day of 9/11 was a (lousy) sales day; 9/12 was mediocre; but by 9/13 it was back to normal. Restaurants may have been empty, but everybody else stayed home and consumed porn,” Acworth said. “But this time around there’s more of a long-term trend going on.”

But don’t let that get you down. Check out this down-home music video by Azeem, courtesy of Mission Mission. Revel in the familiar landmarks, watch out for the paletero, and enjoy a dancing Heather Fong.

And … after you grab one of Dynamo Donut’s reinventions of the fried pastry genre, digest 7×7‘s interview with ice cream reinventor (and Humphry Slocombe proprietor) Jake Godby. We have it on good authority here at ML that his olive oil ice cream is to die for.