VIDEO: The Mission Segway Guy: John Marksman

John Marksman is a Mission legend.

En Español.

Have you seen the guy in the Santa hat zooming around lately on a Segway, blasting his tunes? He is perhaps the Mission’s 2013 version of a “low-rider:” John Marksman, the Segway Guy. Marksman slows down long enough to tell Mission Local about his journey to becoming one of the neighborhood’s unique denizens.

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  1. nutrisystem

    Thanks Segway Guy John for bringing a smile to my face every time you zoom by, and reminding people that life can be fun.

  2. scum

    This a-hole needs to stop riding on the sidewalk, it is illegal and dangerous.

  3. Reality Checker

    Um, Emily — there are real live low-riders in the Mission in 2014. Keep workin’ on that metaphor, OK?

  4. Joe

    John, I appreciate your story and the passion you have for riding your Segway. However, Segways are illegal to ride on San Francisco sidewalks. I have personally seen you scare the hell out of several elderly Mission residents. It’s just not cool.

    • John

      Joe, If I have offended you by my actions, I apologize….I would never set out to scare the elderly, That is def not cool. On some sreets its more dangerous for travels but I hear you and will be more conscious of that. thanks for your input.

  5. inSF

    In addition to the carefree life, I smell a cheap rent controlled apartment too.

  6. Matt

    Nice short doc. Keep ‘em coming.

  7. dude

    I never thought someone could look cool riding a Segway, but you sir proved me wrong! Keep enjoying life.

  8. Luke

    Ride on old friend. Go Niners.

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