Have you seen the guy in the Santa hat zooming around lately on a Segway, blasting his tunes? He is perhaps the Mission’s 2013 version of a “low-rider:” John Marksman, the Segway Guy. Marksman slows down long enough to tell Mission Local about his journey to becoming one of the neighborhood’s unique denizens.

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Living in the Mission District feels a lot like home for former Brooklyn resident Emily Gibson. Both neighborhoods are happening cultural centers with their own unique stories to tell. As an arts reporter, Gibson, 28, hopes to highlight under-reported Latin cultural events and their role in the larger contemporary art scene.

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  1. I never thought someone could look cool riding a Segway, but you sir proved me wrong! Keep enjoying life.

    1. inSF, you were clearly on point, 6 years ahead of the game! I found this clip after clicking here from an article about John’s longtime apartment being part of an Ellis Act eviction.

  2. John, I appreciate your story and the passion you have for riding your Segway. However, Segways are illegal to ride on San Francisco sidewalks. I have personally seen you scare the hell out of several elderly Mission residents. It’s just not cool.

    1. Joe, If I have offended you by my actions, I apologize….I would never set out to scare the elderly, That is def not cool. On some sreets its more dangerous for travels but I hear you and will be more conscious of that. thanks for your input.

  3. Um, Emily — there are real live low-riders in the Mission in 2014. Keep workin’ on that metaphor, OK?

  4. Thanks Segway Guy John for bringing a smile to my face every time you zoom by, and reminding people that life can be fun.