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Faire and Maestas reading a love letter

Love Letters in the Mission

A chill winter breeze didn’t stop the search in the Mission last Saturday. Couples, friends, families and a few single adventurers passed through the doors of Viracocha, a vintage store at 21st and Valencia streets. Maps and clues at hand, they marched excitedly past the red balloon tethered just outside the door. They were following a trail of clues left...
Photo by Baughj (Flickr)

Heart Murmur: Love and Alcohol

This week, the city was filled with couples celebrating their love. And, of course, thousands mourned a love lost. But there was also a middle sect — those who pretend to celebrate while mourning internally. That was going to be me this year until I finally snapped out of my haze of boozy passion and ended a relationship that was...