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Police Efforts to Thwart Prostitution Effective, Say Neighbors

Prostitution has decreased over the last month say Mission residents who attended a community meeting at Mission Police Station on Tuesday evening. They credited the station’s captain with effectively addressing what they say has been a growing concern in the neighborhood. “For the last few weeks, I have not called the non-emergency number once,” said a 50-year-resident of Capp Street...
Mission Station. File photo.

Angry SF Residents Face Off With Police on Crime

Some 30 Mission residents who crowded into a monthly police meeting held Tuesday grilled the neighborhood’s police captain and supervisor about their plans to address what residents described as a clear increase in criminal activity on their streets that has left them fearful. The group blamed the police and city officials for being ineffective in prosecuting sex workers and dismantling homeless...
El antiguo Fizzary que es ahora una casa de apuestas ilegal. Fotografía de Joe Rivano Barros.

Clausuran Casa de Apuestas Ilegal en la Misión

Reportes de Capp Street Crap indican que la casa de apuestas y burdel ubicado en donde antes estaba the Fizzary, fue clausurado después de que sus inquilinos fueran desalojados por la policía. El 6 de enero se publicaron las notificaciones de desalojo y Capp Street Crap reportó que un vecino vio a dos hombres salir con una caja llena de...
El antes Fizzary, es hoy una casa de apuestas ilegal. El dueño llenó de grafitti el lugar en una búsqueda desesperada de ayuda. Fotografía de Joe Rivabo Barros / Mission Local

Casa de Apuestas y Burdel de la Misión Evade Cierre a pesar de la Presencia de la Policía

Una casa de apuestas y burdel ilegal del distrito de la Misión en el que hubo una balacera y por causa del cual se ha llamado varias veces a la policía en los meses pasados parece inmune al cierre, a pesar de las frecuentes redadas. “La policía ha estado aquí seis veces. Vienen, se llevan el alcohol, pero dejan ir...
Photo Illustration.

SF Mission Police Officers Arrest Human Trafficking Suspects

Police officers from Mission Station, together with officers from the Special Victims Unit, arrested two men and a woman today who allegedly forced a teenage girl into prostitution. The victim, police report, walked into Mission Station around 2:45 a.m. Thursday morning, saying she’d been kidnapped some time earlier and forced to commit sex acts in exchange for money. She also told officers that the...
The former Fizzary — the site of an illegal gambling den and brothel — after it was tagged by its owner Taylor Peck in 2015. Photo by Joe Rivano Barros.

Illegal Gambling Den and Brothel in SF Mission Evades Shutdown Despite Police Presence

An illegal gambling den and brothel in the Mission District that has been the site of a shooting and multiple calls to the police in the past few months is seemingly immune to closure, despite frequent raids from law enforcement. “The police have been here six times, and they come in and take the liquor, but [the people] get let go,” said...
Capp Street between 16th and 17th, dark street with people and streetlamp

FBI Suspende Sitio de Servicios Sexuales

Kristin DiAngelo está preocupada por sus colegas, por consiguiente opinó que no hay nada que pueda reemplazar la recién clausurada red gratuita en línea que les ayudaba a anunciar y hacer citas con clientes. Con menos opciones disponibles, han decidido optar por la calle. DiAngelo es una trabajadora sexual que, como sus colegas en la industria, ha utilizado el sitio...
Capp Street between 16th and 17th, dark street with people and streetlamp

FBI Crackdown May Bring New Arrivals to Capp

Kristen DiAngelo is concerned about her colleagues. She says that there’s no replacement for the recently defunct free online network that helped them advertise and schedule appointments with clients. With fewer options available, they’re turning to the streets. DiAngelo is a career sex worker who, like her colleagues in the industry, has used the website MyRedBook, an online advertising space...
Officer Steve Keith speaks to a Mission resident at Tuesday's community meeting with the police. Photo by Joe Rivano Barros

Prostitution on Capp Street Increasing, Say Residents

Prostitution on Capp Street is on the upswing, residents told police at the monthly community meeting Tuesday evening at the Mission District police station. Roughly two dozen people made it out to the meeting held on the last Tuesday of every month. Captain Dan Perea and Officer Steve Keith presided over the proceedings. One community member, who asked to be...
Oscar Barceñas was injured last week after brandishing a gun at police officers, Photo courtesy of SFPD.

Daytime Violence Addressed at Community Meeting

A recent homicide, a police shooting and subsequent protests were the subjects that dominated last night’s meeting between Capt. Robert Moser of Mission Station and 18 district residents. At the past several meetings, the issue of prostitution on Shotwell Street has been addressed, and many residents brought similar concerns this time. With so many officers devoted to violent Mission hot...
Residents were surveyed to assess whether prostitution has decreased in neighborhood.

Prostitution Shifts From Capp to Shotwell

Residents who had complained about a recent uptick in prostitution on Capp Street were back at last night’s police meeting, and for the most part they’re happy because the situation has improved. However, the problem doesn’t seem to have disappeared, they said; instead, it has shifted to Shotwell Street.