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Photo: Serena Williams's Facebook page.

Serena Williams Confronts Phone Thief in SF Mission

Tennis star Serena Williams wrote a post on Facebook yesterday highlighting her crime-fighting skills in getting her phone back from a would-be thief. Williams writes of a “superhero inner voice” that tipped her off that the man standing next to her at Mission Chinese Food on Mission street, an “eerie feeling” that the man “was there too long” and that something “just...
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Mission Chinese Food to Publish New Cookbook

After Mission Chinese Food, the movie, here comes the cookbook. Well it won’t be released until 2014 but it’s coming. Eater National reports that chef Danny Bowien is calling it a “cookbook-in-conversation.” It will include recipes from the San Francisco location as well as the New York one. It will be co-written by Bowien and Lucky Peach editor-in-chief Chris Ying...