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Photo courtesy of Casa Bonampak.

Trump Piñata Bashing at Casa Bonampak

Complete with blonde hair and suit, a piñata resembling presidential candidate Donald Trump will be up for whacking this Saturday at Casa Bonampak. Anyone who would like to take a swing at Trump for his contentious comments about Mexicans and immigration will now be able to do so. The fair trade importing store dedicated to the preservation of Mexican culture...

The Backstory of “Dreamers” Onstage at Brava

Brava Theater will host two performances of Gary Soto’s In and Out of Shadows this Sunday, featuring several young actors who have had personal experiences with the themes the musical explores: Being undocumented, living as an immigrant, feeling part of two different worlds. The musical introduces a cast of characters who have arrived in the Bay Area without documentation, drawing on the...
Some fans of Mexico went all out. Photo by Joe Rivano Barros.

Mexico Loses to Netherlands 2-1: The Mission Reacts

Mexico lost to the Netherlands 2-1 on Sunday morning, in a game that eliminates them from advancing to the quarterfinals—a feat it has not accomplished in 28 years. Mexico dominated the first half of the game, with three missed shots on the goal versus one for Oranje. In the 48th minute, Giovannni dos Santos scored the first goal of the...
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Mexico and Brazil Win! Mission’s Horns a’ Honkin’

Walking by any bar with a big screen this afternoon the air was filled with cheering. After Mexico beat Croatia 3 to 1, the honking began. We captured the scene at 22nd and Mission from our office’s fire escape. Also, Brazil bested Cameroon, 4 to 1. Chile lost to Netherlands and Spain beat Australia. Full, in-depth World Cup coverage here.

Celebrating the Virgen de Guadalupe

Hundreds of people gathered at Mission Dolores early Wednesday morning, many with roses for the Virgen de Guadalupe. Dec. 12 marks the annual celebration of the appearance of the Virgen in Mexico in the area of Tepeyac Hill. A boy by the name of Juan Diego saw the Virgen on Dec. 12, 1531. The story goes that she asked the...
Caesar Chuc

Friends and Family Celebrate Caesar Chuc’s Life

Caesar Chuc, the beloved neighborhood cook who moved from Mexico to the United States to provide his family with a better life, passed away this week at San Francisco General Hospital. He was 39 years old. Chuc, a longtime cook at the popular restaurant Serpentine, was found unconscious at 16th and Valencia streets on Tuesday, Oct. 16, after police officers...
Fotografía descargada de Twitter por @yosoy132bayarea

Manifestantes Cuestionan Resultados de Elecciones Mexicanas

Docenas de personas se reunieron el lunes dos de julio en la plaza de la estación de BART de la calle 24 para protestar los resultados de las elecciones mexicanas, según organizadores. Un grupo que se hace llamar a sí mismo el capítulo del movimiento Yo Soy 132 en el Área de la Bahía comenzó a organizarse después de que...