Housing Watch is Mission Local’s attempt to keep track of all the new development in the neighborhood. We’ve pulled data from the Planning Department and created maps and lists of the planned and completed projects in the neighborhood, linking to stories we’ve written about them.

Market-rate units since 2008: 1070
Affordable units since 2008: 144
Total units built since 2014: 387
Affordable units since 2014: 39
Promised units from Supervisor Hillary Ronen: 5,000.

Let us know if we’ve missed any developments, we’ll be sure to keep this list current.

Projects Proposed, Projects Completed — A list of all the housing projects in the Mission District that have been proposed since 2000. Those completed are in purple, and those proposed but not yet completed in blue.

Housing Pipeline — Projects planned to be completed in the neighborhood — in different stages of development — with the number of below-market-rate units within each project in orange.

Status Report — The projects named in the above map sorted by their status in the pipeline: plans preliminary, approved by planning, under construction, and completed.

Project List — A list of the planned and completed projects in the neighborhood.