24th Street Mission southwest plaza. Photo by Annika Hom. Taken Dec. 19, 2022.

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An afternoon shooting at the southwest 24th Street BART plaza today left one person dead, officials have confirmed. 

Two suspects are at large, according to BART spokesperson James Allison. BART police are leading an investigation. 

The victim was shot just after 4 p.m., Allison said, and was transported to the hospital with severe injuries. The victim was declared dead around 7 p.m.

Mark, an employee who monitors the public restroom at 24th and Mission streets, told Mission Local on Monday that he heard the pops the day prior. “I just saw a bunch of people running,” he said. Mark was largely unfazed, and didn’t see much. “I’m used to it. It wasn’t like a bunch of bullets grazing past me.”

A nearby business owner who asked not to be named said they believed the bullets came from the east side of Mission Street, toward the plaza. About three to four shots were heard by the business owner, though it a few could have been echoes, they added. As soon as the shots rang out, passersby dropped to the ground. Though the shooting occurred around 4 p.m., the police and paramedics did not arrive until about 10 to 15 minutes later, the entrepreneur said. Around that time, 30 to 50 people crowded around the center where the circular part of the southwest plaza is.

Another man hanging out on the southwest plaza Monday said he arrived at about 4:30 to 5 p.m. to the sight of police and paramedics. He saw the paramedics attempt CPR on the victim.

Sunday’s shooting is the second death at the plaza this year, but this death comes after the start of a coordinated effort by the city in September to stem illegal vending and drug use. In August, a man was stabbed to death there, in what was believed to be a financial dispute. 

City employees, such as police officers and Public Works employees, are typically stationed at the plaza daily as part of this effort, though their presence is less common in the evenings and on weekends. 

On Sunday just after noon, the plaza was mostly clear of vendors, but it is likely that by the afternoon it was again filled with people, as it was on Saturday.

Last month, Supervisor Hillary Ronen’s office announced that it was working to get community ambassadors added to the mix, and told Mission Local that it was trying to expand city officials’ presence at the plaza into the evenings and weekends. 

Mission Local has not confirmed whether any officials were monitoring the plaza at the time of the shooting. 

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available. It was last updated Monday at 11:35 a.m.

Reporter Annika Hom contributed reporting to this story.

Crime is trauma and the county offers different services, which can be found here. Victims of violent crime can also contact the Trauma Recovery Center at UCSF.

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  1. Does anyone know who the person that did was. Are uncle went missing and we are looking for him he is a light skin man in hid 60s

  2. I first moved to the area near the 24st BART station in 2006. It was civilized and relatively clean, like any reasonable tax payer or citizen would expect. Since then, coinciding with the emergence of Calle 24, and the reigns of Campos and Ronen, the BART station plaza, and Mission street for blocks in each direction, has become an absolute disaster. It is an almost unfathomable decline. Stop allowing these non-contributing low-lifes to destroy our city.

  3. Campers,

    Not Ronen’s fault.

    The Mayor controls Police Force and Chief is ping pong ball between whomever that is and the cop Union.

    We need a Police Chief elected on a Publicly presented Platform of Reforms by the Majority of the Voters who studied that candidates promises which gotta include permanent Foot Patrols and a return of Patrol Specials for me.

    We used to elect our Top Cop in this town.

    This idea was presented to me by Michael Hennessey in a series of drinking bouts at Chris Daly’s with Dennis Herrera and a raft of commissioners and, of course, consultants.

    Elect our Police Chief.

    Breed could put the matter on the Ballot in 2024 as a Charter Amendment that would certainly be her greatest Legacy.

    Go Niners !!


  4. We were walking down 22nd st on Saturday after lunch and we came upon a scene right across the street from Make Out Room. The Banh Mi shop there had been broken into – smashed into, really. The plate glass was shattered, other windows broken, the door wide open – glass all over the sidewalk. People were just walking by, shoes crunching on the glass, ignoring it, as if this was normal. There were no police to be seen. This seemed to have happen hours prior.

    We called the non-emergency police number. The responder seemed completely unsurprised. We went on our way and I have no idea what happened next. Our sympathies are with the business owners.

    1. FYI, it didn’t happen hours prior — I know for a FACT, as I am looking at picture I took of it an hour after it happened on December 1st at 6:09pm. I heard all about what happened and who was called right then and there. Since then, all the local businesses have petitioned the landlord and PD since to look into it since it happened. In asking around, I got the sense that no party has been able to reach the renter? I’m not sure why it’s being ignored, yes, there’s still ‘fresh’ glass literally everywhere.

      1. Wow Patty, that happened 19+ days ago??? Why hasn’t the owner done something, this should not be entirely the renter’s problem. WTF, SF??

  5. Remember folks, if you need a police officer at the 24th Street BART station your best bet is to:

    Hail a taxi and ride to Union Square where you’ll be able to select from dozens and dozens of officers standing about & drinking coffee as they guard $3,500 purses and $1,200 sneakers from being shoplifted.

    Thank you Mayor Breed!!

  6. The police and community allowed the plaza to revert to the seedy mess it was, and this is the consequence. What happened to the plan to prohibit these vendors from selling stolen goods (and illegal drugs) in broad daylight?

  7. Hillary Ronen seems like a nice person but what is she doing to combat crime in the MIssion?

    This happened in broad daylight. And I’ve seen countless fights happen in this area in the last few months… all while kids and families walk by this plaza.

    What is she doing to help this matter? The only thing I read from her was how she was fighting to keep “killer robots” of San Francisco.

    Well… how about the people that live here? Do we get anyone to help us fight crime on the streets? We are tax paying residents and NOTHING seems to be improving, only getting worse.

    Shame on these politicians.

      1. @ Mark

        Yeah, I read the article, that is why I mention her name. Every year are the same empty words and nothing ever changes… things are getting so out of hand that in broad daylight there are fights, stabbings, and shootings in this area.

        1. Agree 100% with this. Over the last few years, I’ve written countless emails and attended countless of community town halls. Every time, it’s the same blah blah blah from Ronen while things keep on getting worse and worse.

          E.g. now she promises Shotwell residents that her planned tiny homes at 16th/Mission will get the homeless off Shotwell St. Then you read the details, and the tiny homes *might* arrive by early 2024. So, residents are still expected to just live with homeless chaos for another year, if these tiny homes ever materialize…

          1. For what it’s worth, one supervisor cannot move mountains. It takes collaborative efforts by the Supervisors who all are responsbile for the health, safety & welfare of San Franciscans, irrespective of district representantion. This Board of Supes effort can be initiated by a district supervisor but safety is primarily in the hands of the Police Dept and public housing is in the hands of the Mayor’s Office of Housing. In preferably in cooperation with the Mayor’s office. Cooperation among our public officials is critical.