Fireworks at Dolores Park on Jluy 4
At Dolores Park. Photo by Walter Mackins.

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  1. Wow, sounds like quite an adventure! Amazed at what’s being accomplished with “phone-y” (Haha!) cameras. In the meantime I’ll hold on to my black beauty though I do keep my iPhone handy– in the same way a gunslinger kept a derringer.😉

    Just for fun, send in one of your polar bears snaps. Say you spotted it near the zoo, around Sloat & 45th, on a cold, foggy night. In the words of comic Judy Tenuta; “It could happen!” (And every now and then Lydia allows photos from beyond The Mission.)

  2. Hadn’t heard the Nikon news – thanks for the update! 😉

    Yeah, me an’ the bears had a date up on SW shores Hudson Bay one time: Churchill, Manitoba – polar bear capital of the world. On shoot day, they’d just chased four of ’em out of town near-ish “downtown.” (“Exercise caution when out and about” is what everybody up there says, and I’m wondering how the hell do you do that if they’re ambling into town unannounced??)

    Anyway, had a great, born-and-raised-there local guide. She was armed with three kinds of ammo: noisy, to scare away (hopefully); tranquilizer (in case that could be done); and lethal. No idea how she carried the assortment as we were all pretty bundled up, but it was clear she knew what she was doing when we (briefly) got out of the vehicle to have a look at some (very special) geological stuff.

    Shot from inside the vehicle (small-ish bus that could seat maybe 40 passengers; only 7 of us counting guide who was driving, so lots of room), and managed to get some good work done. With my phone. Lol!

  3. Outstanding!

    I suspect I’ll let others carry on in the digital realm rather than jumping in with them too far myself, camera-wise. Whereas I’m meticulous almost to the point of absurdity when I print b/w images, I want color stuff to be really good, but “hurry along, now,” as my aunties used to say. Most excellent digital printer I found recently wanted to know what kind of camera I used to capture some polar bears out in Canada’s ice bound wilderness. Told him “Aw, just the usual: my trusty Samsung S7.” 😀

    1. Haha! Your aunties pretty much sum up my attitude about my color stuff. Much more meticulous with my b &w prints, whereas with color, I find myself saying “Whoa and drop reins with the Photoshop, partner! For what my 5¢ is worth — that’s 2¢ plus inflation– a photographer “makes their bones” with what they do with their black & white images.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a rented soapbox I need to step off of and return.


      P.S. Have you heard/read? Nikon is going to cease production of digital SLR cameras,
      instead concentrating of producing mirrorless digital cameras.

  4. Jussst enough movement to make it interestin’. Nice.

    You using a digital rig? (I’m og Canon film workhorses.)

    1. Thanks! Presently “strapped” (Haha!), using a Canon 5D Mkll. (Went digital in 2010 after
      professional photographer mother-in- law gave (!) me her “old” Canon 30D.) Snap was taken with a 50mm f1:2 with help from a monopod. Will always love film– and always prefer Canons. Redlegs forever!