Inside the temporary library showing tables, and books.
Inside the temporary library on 1234 Valencia St. between 23rd and 24th St. opened to the public Saturday. Photo taken on June 2022 by Christine Delianne.

The Mission’s new library branch opened quietly Saturday morning. Just a minute before 10 a.m., the official opening time, three library staff members placed the library’s seven-days-a-week schedule outside of the building. Then, they clustered together in front of a camera, and struck a “Ta-Da” pose before heading back inside to greet the few patrons rolling in. 

The temporary library, at 1234 Valencia St. between 23rd and 24th streets, was a long time coming for the Mission. The Mission branch at 24th and Bartlett St. closed for renovations in June, 2019, and hasn’t opened since. The pop-up in this former Yoga Tree site, just around the corner from the old library, means residents now have more options. People no longer have to choose between walking to the nearest bookmobile or traveling to the next closest public library; they can go somewhere a little closer to home.

And the new site is homey. The high ceilings and glossy wooden floors prevent patrons from feeling claustrophobic in a space designed for, at most, 49 people. Three white walls run parallel to each other through the room, giving the library a sense of structure as people peruse. 

On the furthest side, there is a public bathroom and shelves for reserved books. Opposite that, patrons can access computer kiosks, printers, and a table with a charging station. If you’re a reader, there are plenty of children’s books near the front of the library and decent offerings for adults and teens in the back; all the books were transferred from the branch on Bartlett.

The room took a month to set up, according to Children Services Manager Laura Tarango.  

“I mean, it used to be a yoga studio,” she said. The library’s electrician invested a fair bit of time into installing outlets and making the ceiling lights brighter throughout the building “so it could be operational as a library.”  

People exuded excitement for a library to be up and running in the Mission again as they stepped inside. 

I’m over the moon,” said Emily Phillips, carrying a tote bag filled with French books. Before the temporary library opened, the 64-year-old resigned herself to ordering books online. “Digital is not the same.”

“Libraries are the most humane place,” she said. “You can come inside to sit down, you can use a computer for free, you can discover a gem that you weren’t looking for. There’s nothing like it.”  

Joan Czaia, 56, decided she will still attend the Bernal Heights Branch Library for the more extensive book collection and “the comfy chairs,” but she is happy to have the Mission Branch nearby her home to put books on hold.

“At least until the Bartlett Library is back,” she said. 

As for when that will happen, the San Francisco Public Library has released a schedule. For more information about the renovation, go here

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Christine Delianne

Christine flew across the country from Long Island to the Bay Area for college. She is a junior at Stanford University, where she served as the Managing Editor for the student newspaper. Before joining Mission, she covered breaking news as an intern at Bay City News and The Sacramento Bee.

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  1. Cheers to SF for developing a temporary library less than a block away from the permanent one. The City was under no obligation to do it. I really can’t understand why everyone doesn’t appreciate it being here.

  2. This is really sad that kids and people from low-income housing cannot have access to a library nearby. And for those involved in the renovation… I hope it was worth it setting people back. I hope that the new garden is worth it when they are having champagne with their buddies after library hours.

  3. I used the new temporary branch to do some digital to paper print copying, the only place that can be done in the neighborhood on weekends, and the only other place during the week.

  4. Again, the Mission library did NOT close June ‘19, it was open until March ‘20, only closing due to pandemic shut down, not renovations. Nothing much has happened at the 300 Bartlett building in terms of the renovation. Construction won’t start until early next year. This temp space is the Mission library, small as it is, for 3 years.