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  1. This is a fascinating conversation. I wish there was a chance some of the demagogues might listen to it, but I doubt it.

    There is a persistent hum and static throughout that I hope you can avoid in the future.

  2. It should be obvious to anyone (though progressives seem to be exempt) that when you stop enforcing laws and stop punishing a whole list of certain crimes (as Chesa promised when he ran), that criminals will come to this city to do their work.

    The perpetrators seem to be Chesa’s constituents, rather than the victims of these crimes – everyday citizens who suffer auto break-ins, graffiti, literal piles of trash from Chesa-sanctioned camps, assaults; Businesses enduring brazen walk-in / walk-out mass thefts, smash and grabs, and assaults on their employees.

    What Chesa has done is thrown down a welcome mat to criminals and out-of-town drifters with an invitation telling them that pretty much anything goes here. He’s trying to do the job of the public defender while in the position of chief prosecutor.

    It’s not difficult for anyone to see, except for the band of starry-eyed idealists who haven’t yet become victims of their own policies.

    Chesa’s job is to prosecute crimes as they exist on the books. Otherwise he’s merely a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    1. Man, your comment is all frills and bullshit. Perfect example of what the first commenter touched on. Where’s your facts, where’s your evidence? If you hate him so much, wait until the actual election and weigh the proper candidates. This recall is nothing but a temper tantrum of rich people who are pissed that not enough attention is given to their car break-ins. Weak.

  3. Did he ever address the question of safety for us non criminals??? I gave up two questions in…The DA only points fingers at others…

  4. Dear Joe,
    Like him or dislike him, this was a great service to the voters to “hear the case”. Thanks for doing it! I wish we could hear from a pro recaller and hear that case.

    So far, I have only heard the “San Francisco is a hellscape of high crime that started the day after the DA was sworn in” argument.
    Can it be true that the “sophisticated SF electorate” really believes: Good DA = Low Crime. Bad DA = High Crime? I guess the police are just sitting around waiting for a good DA to show up and tell them where and how to deploy their resources, train their officers, tell them who to arrest etc.?
    The recallers went to work less than a year into this DA’s term so they must think that one person with some political power can turn SF into a hellscape in 8 months. It’s so patently disingenuous and absurd and the biggest tell is the recallers have zero specific and evidence backed solutions to propose as alternatives. AND, they have no idea who will replace the DA if they are successful or what that person will do. (Joe, could Mission Local make some educated guesses as to who the likely replacement might be, if the recall goes through? Why is Stefani regarded as one of those folks?)

    I actually don’t have a strong opinion on the current DA, believe it or not. I know he was elected by the San Francisco voters, among several actual candidates. These past 2 years, he has done or tried to do what he said he would during the election (like it or not). The next election is NEXT YEAR where we, the voters, will be able to see, hear and evaluate actual alternatives to the DA and not just hand the decision for this important elective office over to the mayor. I would be against this recall even if I disagreed with the DA 100% on everything substantive (absent corruption).

    It looks to me like the recall was started and is being run by cynical power brokers who make these absurd arguments that they can’t possibly believe. I would love to hear from a real SF voter that supports the recall and can make better arguments than “I hate Chesa and he is the cause of crime in SF.” I haven’t heard one yet but there must be one or two, right? I keep asking but only get the same ones. Maybe you can find a recaller to interview in this same format and we can hear the best case?