The final Supervisorial district boundaries, approved April 28.

Yesterday, the Redistricting Task Force selected a final map for the city’s new district boundaries. Barring legal challenges, these boundaries will be used for the next ten years.

Use the tool below to find your new district.

Data from the Redistricting Task Force. If you spot errors or want to suggest improvements, please email

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  3. Will,

    VA shrink’s diagnosis of me being accurate (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) I’d say the move of my address into D-9 was to keep me running against Raphael which I’d already pulled papers to do.

    Got a letter from DOE explaining that to run in D-8 I would have had to have moved a month ago to get certified from a new proper address.

    Laugh the heck out loud.

    I certainly didn’t take the run seriously as I’m 0 for six in Sherman tank runs providing onstage support for better Prog candidates.

    There are no ‘better’ candidates running against Rafael.

    Read about it all on my new blog:

    And, Will, thanks for the program that allowed me to just list my address to find out who my supe is.

    I’m certain thousands of other Borderline District voters feel the same.

    Go Giants !!


  4. Another Pol who used the SFUSD School Board as a stepping stone. The School District is constantly left with the stains of political climbers who never cared about schools and kids. WE need to elect better folks to the School Board. Haney was certainly not the worst by any measure, but we used to have long-term Board Commissioners who cared about SFUSD and not their political futures (or lack thereof in a few recent cases!).

  5. Though he deleted it already, Haney was sure quick to Tweet his disavowal of responsibility for the Tenderloin.

    It’s hard to know what he was hoping to accomplish by that, but he is wrong about how political representation works. The California Constitution says he is “responsible” to everyone in the district he was elected to represent based on the boundaries of the district at the time of his election. Of course, he can quit now if he really hates the TL that much. But even that won’t help him get away from the people he was recently calling his neighbors: Tenderloin residents still have legitimate expectations and demands that he provide political representation to them and be responsive to their needs. That is, unless he wants to wants to quit being the member of the California State Assembly from the 17th district – before he’s even sworn in.

    It’s pathetic that someone who balked at doing things for his district because he is “only” a legislator can’t even finish the job of being a legislator … as he advances his career by becoming a legislator.

    Haney might not end up being a total jackass in the Assembly, but he’s not off to a good start.

    1. I can’t imagine that any of the supervisors would want the TL. It is a poisoned chalice. Certainly Preston doesn’t given how much he is whining about the boundary changes. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy 🙂

      1. You just failed your logic exam.

        Not wanting to see a significant changes in district boundaries because such changes are part of a scheme to disenfranchise populations is emphatically not the same as not wanting to be responsive to the needs of those populations once the boundaries have been changed.

      2. Any supervisor who doesn’t “want” the TL should quit. Even though they are elected by district, all members of the Board are responsible for – and, by oath of office, committing to be responsive to – all neighborhoods.

      3. May Preston enjoy his new district footprint. I’m sure Cole Valley is thrilled to dump this clown