Charles Phan
Charles Phan getting ready for opening day. Photo by Lydia Chávez

Update, Friday, Feb 4, 2022: The menu is out, and Chuck’s Takeaway is open for business. Here is the menu.

First published Jan. 27, 2022

Charles Phan, who turned his Valencia Street restaurant Slanted Door into a must-stop destination in the 1990s and later moved it downtown, will return as early as next week to 18th Street with a takeout place offering sandwiches. 

Banh-mi sandwiches will be at the top of the menu when Chuck’s Takeaway opens at 3332 18th St., just east of Capp Street. 

“February 1 or 2,” said Phan, who stood behind the counter Wednesday evening. He’s still waiting on a few permits. Meanwhile, Phan is putting the final touches on a sleek interior that features a wall of curated merchandise, including a friend’s pottery and condiments from his own kitchen. 

On another wall are full-sized dog portraits. “Like the portraits artists do of presidents,” he said. And now, customers can order one for their own pets. 

Phan said he had long used the Mission commissary spot for his other ventures, but only recently decided to open it as a takeaway shop. And, as SF Eater reported, he has been perfecting the recipe for the all-important roll of the banh mi sandwich.

See you in line! 

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  1. This is so lovely…can’t wait for them to open. I LOVED Slanted Door. Was one of my go to spots. I’ll find a way to get over to this new location when they open. Thank you for coming back!

  2. Will they be priced under $10? If not, you can still buy excellent banh mi for under $5 at Saigon Sandwich (560 Larkin St).

  3. Lydia , If you really want to report on the Mission, start reporting on the forgotten majority in the Mission who have seen the neighbor decline in recent years. It will soon become the new Tenderloin as crime, homeless and drug abuse spreads outside of the old containment zone that the Tenderloin represents.

  4. Greg, sure we need more reporting on quality of life issues. However, the real problem is growing inequality and treatment for the mentally ill and drug addicted that make up a large percentage of the homeless population. What do you propose we do about?

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