Fiore Cafe Exterior
Fiore Caffé Photo by Maria Ascarrunz

Fiore Caffé, a sweet, corner Italian cafe that we’d never tried — very local, family-owned, apparently very much beloved by the neighborhood. How had I missed this place until the lockdown? I ordered our food online and picked it up.  There was no one else inside, so I stepped in to get out of the cold. A lovely space, where I can see myself spending leisurely dinners or brunch When This Is All Over.  But for now, takeout is good.

BF ordered the paccheri al ragu Napoletano, a slow-cooked pork/beef ragu served with wide, tubular noodles, and I got the housemade tortelloni stuffed with prosciutto and ricotta, in a creamy saffron sauce with zucchini and pancetta. Mine was dreamy, and nowhere near as rich as it sounded — just the right amount of oomph.  BF couldn’t keep his fork out of my plate. 

His ragu was a little acidic for me, though the pork was very tender. A homey dish, as well, on a blustery night. We split a salad of fresh mozzarella on tomatoes over arugula (a bit under-dressed), and lemony Brussels sprouts with pancetta. Pillowy bread to go with.  

Fiore Caffé offers four other salads, a variety of antipasti (the prosciutto-wrapped pears especially tugged at my heartstrings. Next time.), more pasta, a risotto, and steak, salmon, and fish dishes for secondi.  Plus desserts!

The night I was there, the owner was saying he’d just put up his new heat lamps for outdoor dining, and the wind had already knocked one over, crashing into the window!  Alas, for now we’ll be without outdoor dining, but perhaps it’s for the best.  In the meantime, let’s all do our damnedest to support our local eateries by getting takeout if you can.  Hunkering down with well-prepared food is one of the few comforts we can enjoy right now.

Fiore Caffé
3599 24th St.

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  1. The focaccia bread is our favorite in the city! So moist and delicious. We used to occasionally go in and barter to get them to allow us to purchase just focaccia to go! Great little neighborhood spot.

  2. I moved to San Fran 8 years ago and this was literally the first business I stepped into straight off the Bart . Fiore is still my favorite spot to eat and the perfect place to bring family and friends who are visiting the city . The salads are fresh and delicious, the bread homemade and the pasta is out of this world . Eduardo has an awesome wine list , makes a mean Aperol Spritz and his chef Jaime makes Tiramisu daily which is like no other . Side note…. Eduardo has a real gift with kids which makes this a great place to dine with your family .

  3. I have been going to Cafe Fioré for so many years. Our three growing kids love it, too. Pre Covid, we would take any visiting guests as it was sure to never disappoint. Absolutely delicious. Kids love: lasagna, seafood risotto, caprese, carpaccio and gnocchi and spaghetti dishes. We, the adults—everything! Yes, it is one we frequent as much as we can precovid and order out of as well. Eduardo, the owner is very down to earth and very proud of the food he serves. All the deserts are delicious but particularly the chocolate mousse, when they have it.

  4. The menu, the staff and owner have served up amazing food on every visit. Pre Pandemic a monthly treat out for dinner in the neighborhood, my go to- when friends come for a visit from out of town. I have enjoyed brunch, lunch and dinners here. Savory flavors as well as sweet. I have found that the server or owner provides suggestions for pairings of wine as well. highly recommend this cafe for good food, and a light filled atmosphere. So, order something for take away during the shutdown.

  5. Food’s OK, I guess. Prices, wait lines, attitudes make it suck, tho. But, it’s your money and time; spend them how you please.

    1. It’s a business. What’s wrong with honesty? Or, “it seems particularly cruel for a business to seek profit in these times of consumer hardship.” See, it’s a point of view. Personally, I hope they fold and put in a Sonic…you know, with those two guys.

  6. Our final restaurant dinner before the shelter-in-place last March was at Fiore, our local favorite, where we were regulars. But because we’re in the high-risk pool, we now can dine only at home. Eduardo and the crew at Fiore are geniuses in the kitchen! We never had a disappointment there and this review nails it. My favorite dinner is the Arugula e Finocchio salad and Risotto of the day, whatever it is. Order soon!You’ll be glad you did.

  7. 24th and what???
    I’m always up and down 24th, from Potrero to Mission Street, and I’ve never seen this location.