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Maria C. Ascarrunz

Yes, I’ve already reviewed Lolinda, back in the olden days – a simpler time, when we could eat inside restaurants, and a nickel bought you … um, nothing.

But I wanted to see how their food, which includes a lot of excellently grilled meats, would hold up as a to-go order. My sister had given me a gift certificate for my birthday, and the BF and I were debating if we should use it now or hold onto it until This Is All Over, when we could sit at the bar like civilized folk, enjoying cocktails and the full menu while being served like kings and queens. Sometimes, the food you get from delivery or pick-up doesn’t hold up very well on the trek to your home.  But we decided to go ahead, counting on Lolinda to come through for us.


Our takeout feast!

It helps that we live around the corner from the restaurant, so travel time was about two minutes. Still, this was a wood-fired ribeye, for chrissakes, and it was PERFECT.  Medium-rare, hot (not searing hot, but hot), proof that it hadn’t sat there very long.

The meal was as close as we could have gotten without actually eating there. Our luscious steak came with roasted potatoes, chimichurri, and grilled bread for juice-sopping, and we added an order of their wonderful fried yuca with aioli. Everything was just as we remembered it.  We made our own salad at home, so this dinner only set us back $52 (before tip). And there were leftovers.

Lolinda is serving dinner from 4 to 9 p.m. every day. It’s not the full menu, but there are a lot of great dishes available, like the ribeye, an equally famous pork chop, the grilled meats platter, a chorizo burger, ceviche, a couple of salads, their roasted cauliflower, as well as some items from El Techo’s menu. A couple of desserts, too.  They’re also offering margaritas and sangria, some half-priced bottles of wine, and beer.  You can call and order ahead for a later time, or allow 20 to 30 minutes for pickup when you place your order.

Pandemic times don’t offer many opportunities for a (safe) celebratory meal, but here’s one way to do it.

2518 Mission Street
415 550 6970

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