La Santaneca Photo by Lydia Chavez

Family-owned and -run for lo these many years, La Santaneca is open for takeout and ready to serve up what we all need the most right now: Comfort and a hug – in the form of a fluffy, gooey, warm, delicious disk of griddled corn and cheese: the pupusa.

We ordered over the phone and I took a walk to go pick up our pupusas, dreamily anticipating those healing discs of goodness.  To share, we got one order of two quesos (cheese) with loroco (a flowering leafy green common in El Salvador, which adds a mild vegetal flavor), which came with rice, beans, plantains, and crema. We also got one a la carte order of plain queso pupusas, and one with chicharron (pork).

Our meal.

Remember to bring cash, because it’s cash only and I forgot, and had to go to the nearest ATM on the next block.  By the time I did that and got our food home, the pupusas, while still warm, weren’t piping hot. Therefore there was no gushing of cheese, no porny shots of oozing queso to be had. Still, these were excellent.

I’d forgotten how much I actually love their chicharron one; at most places, the loroco is my favorite.  Oh, and they make #thebestfuckingbeans EVER – super smoky, creamy … dare I say they were almost the best part of dinner. Almost. Also, good rice; great, sweet plantains; lovely, tart curtido; killer hot sauce; and a very tangy crema.

La Santaneca has a big menu; it’s not all about the pupusas.  They also serve big steaming tubs of caldo de res and a seven seas soup, among others; Salvadoran specialties such as yuca con chicharron, pasteles de carne, relleno de pacaya, Mexican specialties (burritos, chile rellenos, etc.), seafood, and breakfast too.

But whatever you do, don’t leave without a pupusa.

Let’s help the family that’s been nourishing our neighborhood for decades.

La Santaneca
2815 Mission St.
(415) 285-2131

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