The San Francisco Department of Public Health released promising figures on its Key Health Indicators website Tuesday that demonstrated the city has met or is close to meeting most of its goals for several COVID-19 health indicators with all ranking at “Level 1 New Normal” (green) or “Level 2 Low Alert” (yellow).  

The metrics for hospitals on beds: totals, ICU and acute all ranked at Level 1. So did testing. All others are on a low alert, but not yet at Level 3 (orange) or worse yet Level 4 (red). The city is watching these closely, but Health Department Director Dr. Grant Colfax said, “No one indicator will determine our actions. These will be a composite as we move forward and evaluate our pace of reopening.” 

The new figures, which will be monitored by public officials to assess the healthcare system’s ability to cope with the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, were shared on the same day that the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve an application to the state for local variance, which would allow the county to set its own dates for reopening spaces at a different date than California’s current Resilience Roadmap. 

Colfax explained that the variance allows the city to tailor the local reopening response to local conditions, and that these figures will be helpful to city officials to determine when to proceed with caution, when to pause, and even when to reverse when it comes to reopening. 

Here is the scorecard so far:  

[infogram id=”sf-dept-public-health-covid-19-stats-1hzj4ozn9zmp2pw?live”]

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FREELANCER. Madison Alvarado was raised in the Bay Area and moved to San Francisco after attending undergrad at Duke University. She fell in love with reporting in high school, and after a brief hiatus is eager to continue learning and growing as a storyteller. She has been covering UCSF's Grand Rounds since the summer of 2020.

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  1. Thank you for all this great reporting. Could you please explore the question of plastics/trash and the backing off of the City’s great work on re-usables, bulk purchases and waste reduction? My understanding is that there is no evidence of covid-19 transmission from objects. Unfortunately there is a whole industry that pushes the single use/throwaway lifestyle. I’d like to see more information on the science related to transmission via objects.

  2. when are they going to do something about cleaning up the street corners and sidewalks where 100/1000s of people live?

  3. Are they ever going to get around to providing testing on demand in the neighborhoods and scaling up contact tracing or has Breed just decided to blow that off?