Laura Campos can’t get a break. 

After being tagged over by cannabis advertisement less than a month ago, the beginnings of Campos’s replacement “Alien Love” mural have been tagged again

“I don’t have time to paint this mural everyday …” Campos told Mission Local in an email, explaining that donations GoFundMe she set up following the February fiasco have slowed since the coronavirus outbreak. 

It’s unclear who continues to tag the mural — and who brazenly tagged it the first time — but Campos is fed up. “I am so tired of these vandals!” she wrote. 

The bizarre tale of the “Alien Love” mural at the corner 24th and Capp streets began in late February, when Campos discovered the mural she painted there 10 years ago had been covered up by an advertisement for the apparently renegade cannabis brand called “Turtle Pie Co.” 

When Campos attempted to paint over the ad so she could begin restoring the mural, two men allegedly harassed her. Both called her a “bitch.” And Campos alleged that the second man kicked her possessions, attempted to grab a paint roller out of her hand, and warned her to “watch my back,” in Campos’s words. 

Campos told Mission Local at the time that she had little money to restore the mural. A video posted to Mission Local’s comments section following the publication of our article about the incident featured a man apologizing for the incident. He blamed “rogue actors” that had since been terminated. 

He did not identify himself, but the IP address could be traced to the Walnut Creek/Lafayette area of the East Bay. The video no longer exists. 

Asked whether the Turtle Pie Co. paid her back for the mural, Campos said that “My attorney is negotiating with Turtle Pie.”

Vandalized mural

Laura Campos took this photo of the “Turtle Pie Co.” ad in February — which completely erased her longtime mural.

Laura Campos and fellow artists start the repainting of Campos’s iconic mission district mural “Alien love.” (03/13/20)⁣ Photo by Michael Johnson.

“Alien Love” had been featured on the corner of 24th and Capp streets for ten years. This version has been painted over.