Vandalized mural
Laura Campos took this photo of the "Turtle Pie Co." ad on Tuesday evening — which completely erased her longtime mural.

When Laura Campos was walking home Tuesday night, past the corner of 24th and Capp, she noticed something was wrong — very wrong. 

A mural she had painted on that corner some 10 years ago, called “Alien Love,” was completely painted over with a white background, a giant turtle’s head, and the words “Turtle Pie Co.” It turns out to be the logo of a cannabis and clothing distributor.

I was very upset to see that someone painted over my iconic mural,” Campos said, noting that she’s had to clean graffiti off of it in the past. But never something like this. 

So Campos returned on Wednesday to 899 Capp St. to take the ad off her mural, which had been commissioned by the building’s owner in 2010, and begin the process of repainting it. 

The trouble wasn’t over: A “man came to investigate me and film me; he asked why I was painting over it,” she said. 

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She informed him that his ad was illegal — and that she had received permission to paint her mural many years before. 

“Get over it, bitch — your time is up,” Campos recalled the man saying. “You already had this mural for 10 years.” 

Campos said she reminded the man, who did not identify himself, that murals are not temporary, and they’re an essential part of the neighborhood’s culture and history. “We don’t paint commercial murals!” she recalls saying. “Especially on top of iconic murals!”  

“Alien Love” had been featured on the corner of 24th and Capp streets for ten years.


That man left, Campos said — but another man showed up 10 minutes later. Campos alleges that the second man began kicking and throwing her art supplies, repeatedly calling her a “bitch.” He threw her brushes and paint in the trash, she alleges, and attempted to strip a paint roller out of her hands but was unsuccessful. He also kicked her purse across the street, she said, breaking her iPhone and iPod. 

“He made it seem like he was going to kick me if there were no people,” Campos said, noting that the man told her he “got paid a lot for this mural.” 

“He made a lot of threats to me and totally abused me for 15 to 20 minutes,” Campos added. “I’m afraid to walk down the street. He told me to watch my back — like a thug.” 

Campos said the man would not give his name when she asked, but she managed to take a photo of him. It’s unclear if the man was associated with the Turtle Pie Co. Mission Local reached out to the company through its Instagram page (its only web presence), but has not yet heard back. 

Campos alleges that the man in this photo harassed her, kicked her belongings and called her a “bitch” when she tried restore her mural.


Turtle Pie Co. does not appear to be a legitimate cannabis distributor or “Prop 64 compliant,” as its Instagram page suggests. None of the packaging displayed on the page has state-mandated labeling, such as the “universal symbol” indicating that weed products are contained within, nor do they display weight and volume specifications. 

It does not appear to be a licensed distributor in major Bay Area counties, such as San Francisco, Alameda, San Mateo, Contra Costa, or Santa Clara, according to state records.   

Nevertheless, the Turtle Pie Co. logo emblazoned on Campos’ mural — and the ensuing purported harassment — has left Campos traumatized. “I was really afraid for my life,” she said. “I thought he was going to hurt me.” 

A former property manager at the building, who requested we only refer to him as “John B.,” as he feared being targeted by internet trolls, said that he remembers the building’s owner giving Campos permission to paint a permanent mural on the wall in 2010. 

Janis Brown of Fadcal Property Management, the current property manager of 899 Capp St., said that she did not give Turtle Pie Co. permission to paint over Campos’ mural. “Absolutely, not under any circumstances, would I do that,” Brown said.  

“This is upsetting,” she added. “We love that mural.”  

Mission Local previously reported that the owner of the building is Evelyn Cornell. She had Campos paint a mural there 10 years ago following a prior piece’s controversial whitewashing

Since then, John B. said, Campos’ “Alien Love” mural has been a starting point for many mural tours in the neighborhood and is beloved. But now, Campos said, she has to completely repaint it and does not have the money to do so. It’s now a blank white wall.  

I’m not backing down,” she said. The men who allegedly harassed her are “not going intimidate me in my own neighborhood.”

Update 4:20 p.m.: Turtle Pie Co. has taken down its Instagram page since the publication of the article, though its apparel site still appears to be active.

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Julian grew up in the East Bay and moved to San Francisco in 2014. Before joining Mission Local, he wrote for the East Bay Express, the SF Bay Guardian, and the San Francisco Business Times.

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  1. All thing “Pie” don’t last in The Mission. Proof is Mission Pie ? is gone
    Pig n Pie is gone .
    Same fate awaits Turtle Pie
    For some reason pies don’t last in the hood ??‍♀️

    1. SFPD/CCSF cannot even enforce jabroni “violations” like double parking on Mission Street. That’s the entire actual reason for the “red carpet,” because SF would rather remove half of the street, thereby ruining an entire district‘s business corridor… rather than enforce “laws”…. yet ppl expect SFPD to chase down people painting over paintings? Based on what? Where is the logic? Uhh. Tent city? Bicyclists refusing to abide by any “rules of the road”..well because they’re bicyclists! …and they (for the most part) believe zero of that should apply to them, ”just “because” (and those folks are equally shocked when collisions happen because who needs, logic, right?) .. drugs rampant all throughout SF… $4k rent yet people bleeding, pissing, vomiting right outside your building? SFPD has plenty of stuff to do and seemingly never gets around to it….SF won’t even arrest/prosecute/do something legitimate about the extremely violent gang members in The City… because it’s “racist.” Lol. But you expect them to chase these folks down? As an SF native and also having 100% latino blood..even I know this is nonsense.. Just know enough to acknowledge SF loves nothing more in the world than talking out of both sides of the mouth.. Piss everybody off… take all their $$$, whichever side of the fence they stand on…Purposefully take laughable stances on nearly everything… city agenda completed. SF… get real. Lol.

  2. What’s needed here is a visit to the site by art restoration experts so that Mr. Turtle Pie guy can come to terms with the “resources” he offers. Don’t put it on the artist to correct. You correct it. Why should the artist be behoven to you in any way here? She is the victim. The actions of your company have turned her life upside down. Do you have business insurance? Suggest you get the ball rolling to correct this. Otherwise, expect more shitstorm.

    1. This is horrible. It’s also horrible that there’s absolutely no mention of a police investigation into this assault. They have a picture of him in bro’s daylight. Is law enforcement involved or should I assume you are OK with these thugs staying on the streets to terrorize my loved ones too?

  3. Looks like these scumbags ran for the hills. Good reporting, the authorities can take it from here. I guess the type of people who illegally distrubute cannabis with shitty hipster branding are the same ones who would paint over a cherished mural.

  4. If they aren’t selling weed legally, they aren’t a company, they’re criminals, and their bullying tactics against this woman and the owners of this building say pretty much everything about them that needs to be said. I know that a lot of people around here see weed as some sort of wildly important human right, but a lot of us look at drug users and just shake our heads. We don’t want your criminal behavior in our neighborhood, we don’t want to smell your stinky addiction, and we don’t want our neighbors, children, and local artists bullied and terrorized in your dealers’ quest to make a profit!

    This guy should be arrested for assault and theft (for taking her paints/brushes), and his illegal company should be driven out of town! I’d definitely contribute to Ms Campos’s efforts to repaint her mural!!

  5. It’s not hers, or ours, its everybody. Street art runs, gera buffer, and new art comes. It’s not an ad it’s a movement. It’s not a guy, ita a culture, ita not a few its the many. Both artists native sf, mission.
    Company, campus, and artits should colab on a new mutual project there, with sponsored by, and something everyone can enjoy and let that run.
    Aet is art, life comes life goes, nothing last forever not even the turtle. SF set the bar for entities able to mesh, and blend as the hood, amd the coty changes. I know for fact it’s all love, make a solution, dont make SF
    about winning and litigation.

    Colab turtle pie SF and (Artist) and Campos on new mural, everybody from the mission, share,love respect

  6. I’d like to see criminal charges against these hooligans. They assaulted this woman, broke her property & she is now in fear of them! They also defaced private property .

  7. I want to know what the passers by were doing while this asshole was abusing this woman, destroying her art supplies, and kicking her purse across the street.


    f$cking asshole. And the people who did nothing.

  8. If the details in the article are accurate, the attack on Campos would be officially classified as an assault and should result in jail time. Furthermore, even the threats made by the attacker could be prosecuted under Penal Code 422 against “criminal threats”. Campos got a picture of the attacker — why is there nothing mentioned in the article about a police investigation? It shouldn’t be too hard to identify and arrest this thug.

  9. That guy has no connection to, or love, or respect, for San Francisco and the Mission district. Let alone any respect for women, or artists- human beings in general!

    I hope he’s punished for the assault.

    I loved that mural, looking forward to Campos redoing it. So much respect for her.

  10. How sad, I used to walk by that mural everyday all throughout high school. What a scumbag.
    I’ve met Laura before as well, my high school took me to her shop where she also sells different art. I’m so sad this happened. What can we do to help? We need to get alien love back!

  11. In about 5 minutes someone could easily change “Pie Co” to say “Bitch”. Who’s the bitch now?

  12. I’m also happy to help with supplies and painting over this stupid weed ad. Live in mission. Smoke weed. Prefer art to ads.

    1. So do we, that’s only part of the reason that Turtle Pie Co is more than happy to provide the resources to restore Alien Love to its rightful place.

  13. San Francisco Mayor should be involved in this issue and see that those that destroyed a beautiful mural provide all the needed materials for Ms. Campos to re create her colorful mural. The company and its thugs that painted their add over the mural should be made accountable for their unconsciousness and ignorance.

    1. Turtle Pie Co is happy to provide the resources to restore Laura Campos’ Alien Love, and is disgusted by the treatment endured by the artist.

  14. Keep your goons out of San Francisco! Bunch of low life losers who would harass and bully a woman alone like this. Punk ass thugs need YL
    Be run out of town. Know for damn sure they should not sell ONE. PRODUCT. In the city!

  15. Campers,

    These guys are another example of the new wave that includes
    Uber and the scooter companies who ‘do the deed and then pay
    a fine while they destroy cabbies and now, our murals.

    Because they can make a buck off of it.

    I don’t know what to do off the top of my head.

    Baskin Robbins hires them?

    Who else hires them?

    Boycott anyone who hires them?

    Go Giants against Dodgers noon tomorrow in Scottsdale.


  16. What a horrible experience for her, and destruction of private property. Both are criminal acts. No mention in story of reporting incidents to police. It’s very important to file claims when things like this happen. Landlord included. I hope the original mural will be repainted, but if I could afford an iPhone and an iPad, don’t think painting supplies would break my budget. Just sayin… Peace

    1. You have clearly never had to buy a rainbow palette of outdoor paints. A mural that size can run hundreds of dollars just in paint alone, not including other peripheral needs for creating a piece like that. Not to mention just the sheer daylight hours of work, and I don’t know about you, but daylight time isn’t free for me these days.

    2. Phones & computers are necessary to most of us to function in the modern world. They take precedence over paint supplies for a volunteer project. False equivalency. And that amount of paint & supplies is expensive. She probably wants to eat & pay rent as well as have a phone.

    3. Bobo, we hope it will be repainted as well, and look forward to providing the resources to Laura Campos so that she can restore Alien Love.

  17. Word on the street is the person who did the mural is the guy who reached out to turtle pie to hit that location. People say the former artist and the turtle pie artist who put up the paint have had issues before. This was a total dick move on em but what’s done is done. This guy was just upset because he paid some artist who reached out saying it was fine to even paint over it.
    People saying this is gentrification it isn’t.everyone involved is SF long time locals. If it was a bansky would you care more or less…?

    1. Banksy has class, and these guys are trash, that’s why they got dumped like trash. Their treatment of Laura Campos is disgusting gutter behavior, and we don’t want anything to do with them.
      Turtle Pie Co looks forward to providing the resources to restore Alien Love to it’s place in the community.

      1. That’s nice, Turtle Pie, but since you apparently hired these people in the first place, you need to release their info to the police.

    1. Horrendous indeed Joseph Johnson. That’s why the bullies have been fired. We don’t want to be within a mile of them.

      1. Bullies have been fired?

        And have you also released their information to the police, so that they can be prosecuted?

  18. She says her own work is “iconic” like 4 times. It was nice, but to say a 10 year old mural is iconic is a huge stretch.

    1. I didn’t recognize the building in the painted over version, but when I saw a picture of Campos’ work I knew exactly where it was.

  19. That is the single most stupid comment I have ever read. If she received permission, it is not illegal. Grafitti are drawings or writings on a public wall. Moron.

  20. That is obviously not true. Murals painted by the owners or commissioned by the owners or allowed by them are not illegal.

  21. I’ll gladly donate for her supplies.
    It would also be good to install a couple of security cameras nearby.

  22. Campers,

    The district is fortunate to have a supervisor who genuinely cares and responds.

    Turn it over to Hillary Ronen and file a complaint with Mission cop shop.

    And, put up current contacts for ‘Turtle Pie Co.’ so’s us old bloggers in our
    underwear can comment to them about this sad case.

    Go Giants!

    Open Spring Training against Dodgers tomorrow.


  23. Their business model sounds like they’re trying to accomplish what Cookies in Upper Haight did — which is create a trendy brand from a popular hybridized strain you’ve crossed and commercialized.

    It appears the company has already gone into hiding, but breeders are known in the industry. It’s a hit to the brand, which is likely what is important to the dude in the photo.

    Turtle Pie weed strain is bammer bully-boy bullshit. Just say no.

      1. sfbulldog, Turtle Pie Co is disgusted by the treatment Laura Campos bravely dealt with, and we are to provide the resources for her to restore her much appreciated mural Alien Love.

    1. Rosh, bullies are garbage, and these bullies got canned like trash. Their treatment of artist Laura Campos is horrifying, and were are tirelessly reaching out to her to provide everything for her to restore her work.
      Doing the right thing is seriously important to us, and we are highly motivated to get Laura painting ASAP.

    2. Disgusted by this desecration of art by this would-be cannabis company. Boycott these violent jerks out of business and out of the community!

    1. I hope you’re talking about the ish they pasted over the mural, because the artist had the permission of the property owner – because that’s how murals work.

    2. This was an aggressive assault on a Latina artist by an outsider. The turtle pie company has not right to advertise in the Latino Community’s Cultural District. Murals are art.

    3. Yes, the Turtle Pie Co graffiti is no doubt illegal, not the mural by Campos which was allowed by the owner of the building. If anything Campos’ mural is protected under the 1990 Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA) which “…disallows the modification of works in ways that could be considered harmful to artists’ reputations, and grants protections to artworks deemed to be of “recognized stature.” – This mural is easily considered recognized stature. The artists at 5Pointz sued a developer for destroying their murals and won, hopefully Campos can do the same to these Turtle Pie Co dudes.


    4. Laura Campos’ Alien Love is an iconic, well loved work of art.
      Turtle Pie Co is enthusiastic about providing the resources to Laura Campos so that she may restore Alien Love to it’s deserved space.

  24. That alien love shit has nothing to do with the culture of the mission!it should be some type of la Rasa art anyway born and raised in the mission btw

    1. If you were really a native of the Mission, you would know that Raza no tiene una “s”! And, Campos in Latina, and there are nopales in the mural, and . . . you’re probably the guy that kicked her paints over pretending to be down. Vete!

      1. The word “assault” was in regard to verbal and I guess damaging her property if that counts as assault. For sure a dumb and avoidable situation, but no one put hands on anyone and no one even claimed that. People make assumptions that the word assault is physical, so it really should have been specified in the article that it was verbal. It’s poor journalism not making that distinction.

        1. Sir or madam — 

          With all due respect, the incident was described in painstaking detail. I think the journalism was just fine.

          There’s a reason we use adverbs in front of “assault.” Physical assault is a thing. Verbal assault is a thing. What’s more, attempting to take the paint roller out of Ms. Campos’ hand, as she alleges the man did, would constitute a physical assault.

          I am confused by your line of reasoning and your takeaways from this story.



    2. The mural movement in the Mission District was started to give Latino artist a means to participate in SF art scene which they had been exclude. Not sure it regulated content

    3. First, wrong. Secondly, the building owners covered over the previous mural bc they wanted a neutral, non-political mural. This was it.

    4. There isn’t a single culture of the Mission. There can be more than redundant La Rasa shit. PS You’re not the only one raised here no one gives a fuck

  25. Is there a way that we can donate for her paint supplies? This is really upsetting. We should rally the neighbors and provide some security and support for this artist.

  26. As I wrote on Facebook post for this story: This story is frustrating. San Franciscans present or past, please support and encourage civility, not complain or deride this fine city. Change has always happened here, with new residents coming in and out. I’m not SF native, but respect and love it as my home for for other 3 decades. These rude people are not the norm. Mural artist Laura Campos deserves our good words, and support – if there is a need to raise funds to replace her supplies, I’m first in line.

      1. I’d like to know as well. Let’s support her & try to help her feel safe while she repaints & while living in her own neighborhood! Punish those who assaulted her, broke her property, threatened her & defaced private property.

      2. I’d like to hep Laura too. We’re longtime SFers and we take photos of the murals every year. They’re an important, non-commercial, part of the Mission. Please to everyone – don’t graffiti or paint ads on the murals.

      1. I am glad to see it – if it is sincere & action is taken. You need to restore her property losses, pay for her mural supplies, help her redo it if she wants & perhaps pay for cameras at the site & offer some type of protection against retaliatory measures buy these monsters who attacked her & called her an “old bitch” on YOUR company instagram.
        Thanks for this video, please let us know what ACTIONS transpire!

      2. Is this a joke? Are you a joke Turtle Pie guy? You hired thugs, and now you act like “it wasn’t us”. And you want her to contact you? Why haven’t you contacted her? Where is the offer to reimburse her for all her losses? You should probably throw in some for emotional distress, cause that distress sounded real. This apology is the most insincere thing I have heard in a long time.