Amnesia, a beloved Valencia Street bar and local music venue, is slated to close its doors indefinitely starting in early March. 

An employee confirmed this to Mission Local, calling it “public knowledge at this point,” as some bands have already publicly bemoaned the impending loss of the venue known for its jazz, bluegrass and comedy scenes, and its overall fostering of local bands. 

It was the employee’s understanding that the establishment would close its doors for a few months for a “revamp,” but may not use the entertainment license in the future. 

Windy Hill, a local bluegrass band, wrote in a Thursday Facebook post that it will be playing its last show at Amnesia on Monday after having its first show there 10 years ago. “ … it’s been a home for us ever since,” the band wrote, noting that “the beloved home of bluegrass in San Francisco is heading in a new direction come March 1.” 

Joseph Kempster Deakins, who identifies himself as Amnesia’s “former promotion” and “former booking manager” on Facebook, wrote in a post on Thursday he also learned about the news that the venue will be closing March 1. 

“Back in 2005 when I lived in San Francisco, my community hubs quickly became Revolution Cafe and Amnesia,” Deakins wrote. “My dearest Bay Area friendships were born there, so many wild nights happened there … ” 

Craig Wathen, one of Amnesia’s owners since 2015, would not confirm the closing, its date, or particulars with Mission Local — but he did not deny the March closure for an indefinite period of time or the notion music may not continue there. 

It’s unclear why the venue is closing. 

The bar has been on Valencia for the better part of two decades under various owners — with a name some may never forget.

At Amnesia you’ll find a well-curated beer selection, a unique atmosphere — and, perhaps, whatever it is you’ve lost. Illustration by Molly Oleson.