A new initiative to map out and analyze the intersections of art and technology in the Bay Area is off and running — and in need of your help. 

“The Grid” is an online effort with a self-reporting survey that also has an online survey for artists and sponsors. It is designed to connect artists and technology experts, and bridge the networking gap in collaboration. 

The project is sponsored by the European Union and an alliance of European cultural institutes, who are piloting the initiative in Silicon Valley and using the data to study the intersection of art and technology, but the initiative will also be used in Europe.  A mapper for Mission Local, Victoria Beckley, is helping with the effort. Beckley previously created a restaurant health score map which you can see here.

The results will be unveiled at a launch party at Gray Area at 2665 Mission St. on Dec. 4. 

The launch runs from 6 to 8 p.m. and will have food and drinks along with a panel with artists, technologists and art institutions. 

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  1. The launch party event creator was/is Open Austria.

    We pitched what might be said as a pretty solid merging of tech and art to Open Austria less than a month ago.
    This performance/art debuted at Flower Piano 2019 to some acclaim.

    Perhaps we could do a 15 min presentation of the music and concept?
    Response – no can do because:
    “we’re committed to supporting artists and projects that connect Austria and Silicon Valley”

    Guess Open Austria is only open to Austria and – good news everybody – San Francisco IS NOT part of Silicon Valley.
    The San Bruno Mountains are an obvious impediment.

    But the pertinent question seems to be, if Open Austria is so in love with Silicon Valley, why are their offices located at 44 Tehama in freakin’ San Francisco? Is Mountain View too much unlike Vienna for Austrian artistic tastes?

    This sounds like some kinda technocrat make work project for unemployable PHD’s in romance studies.

    1. Jeez – shoulda read the web site blurb more carefully.
      Perhaps the real reason we got the cold shoulder was that they only work “in close collaboration with academic institutions, museums, and other art-centered organizations”
      So if you ain’t one of them – Austria doesn’t want to hear from you.