Mission Local, this here website you’re reading, prefers to write stories, not be the story. But allow us to take a moment to write some news about ourselves: namely, we’re soon going to be able to write a lot more news. 

The nonprofit Report for America  today announced that it will place some 250 journalists in 164 newsrooms nationwide. Including ours at 21st and Mission. This will be a major addition for Mission Local, with its present staff of four. We are most pleased. 

The nonprofit pays the lion’s share of the new reporter’s salary. And, yes, it could be you: Applications for the program are being accepted until Jan. 31 at ReportforAmerica.org.

While we have your attention, if you enjoy local journalism, your donations will be tripled by NewsMatch and other outfits until Dec. 31

Other Bay Area newsrooms that will next year feature a Report for America journalist include Berkeleyside, Ed Source, and the San Jose Mercury News

Mission Local’s future Report for America journalist will focus on “inequality and income disparities in the Mission” — that is, to say, the kernel of the story of present-day San Francisco.

This energetic woman or man will provide on-the-ground reporting, bypassing any and all self-anointed gatekeepers, to provide our readers — and posterity — with dispatches from the heart of our changing city. 

We’re honored and we can’t wait. 

Stay tuned.