Mission Local, this here website you’re reading, prefers to write stories, not be the story. But allow us to take a moment to write some news about ourselves: namely, we’re soon going to be able to write a lot more news. 

The nonprofit Report for America  today announced that it will place some 250 journalists in 164 newsrooms nationwide. Including ours at 21st and Mission. This will be a major addition for Mission Local, with its present staff of four. We are most pleased. 

The nonprofit pays the lion’s share of the new reporter’s salary. And, yes, it could be you: Applications for the program are being accepted until Jan. 31 at ReportforAmerica.org.

While we have your attention, if you enjoy local journalism, your donations will be tripled by NewsMatch and other outfits until Dec. 31

Other Bay Area newsrooms that will next year feature a Report for America journalist include Berkeleyside, Ed Source, and the San Jose Mercury News

Mission Local’s future Report for America journalist will focus on “inequality and income disparities in the Mission” — that is, to say, the kernel of the story of present-day San Francisco.

This energetic woman or man will provide on-the-ground reporting, bypassing any and all self-anointed gatekeepers, to provide our readers — and posterity — with dispatches from the heart of our changing city. 

We’re honored and we can’t wait. 

Stay tuned.  


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Managing Editor/Columnist. Joe was born in San Francisco, raised in the Bay Area, and attended U.C. Berkeley. He never left.

“Your humble narrator” was a writer and columnist for SF Weekly from 2007 to 2015, and a senior editor at San Francisco Magazine from 2015 to 2017. You may also have read his work in the Guardian (U.S. and U.K.); San Francisco Public Press; San Francisco Chronicle; San Francisco Examiner; Dallas Morning News; and elsewhere.

He resides in the Excelsior with his wife and three (!) kids, 4.3 miles from his birthplace and 5,474 from hers.

The Northern California branch of the Society of Professional Journalists named Eskenazi the 2019 Journalist of the Year.

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  1. Mini-scoop,

    Just talked to Matt Gonzalez at Buttar event and
    he said that he spoke to George Gascon a few hours
    earlier and is all in with an endorsement for George
    for DA of Los Angeles.

    Cannot imagine that’s what Breed and Herrera were
    hoping for when they followed Gascon to LA with
    their lame insults.

    George Gascon still has many thousands of friends in
    San Francisco.

    Buttar for Congress!

    Evangelista for SF Superior Court Judge!

    Avalos in sweeping D-11 return.

    Fewer forever in D=1

    Go Niners!!


  2. So the lucky guy or gal will have to report on “inequality and income disparities in the Mission” ? Enticing prospect. There’s inequality and income disparities everywhere; it isn’t one bit more interesting because the focus is the Mission. What’s wrong with reporting on the news?

    1. Sir — 

      Have you read the name of this website?

      You want to do that and then ask the question again?



      1. Hmmm

        Two ‘Alpha Male’ Jewish roosters in
        the Mission chicken yard.

        What could go right or wrong?

        I’d guarantee it would be the best copy in the City except …

        Joe’s my favorite political writer in town but Marc’s the smarter
        of and ‘2’ in the City and has too thin a skin.

        Still, love to see it happen.

        I get tired of skipping around searching for remarks from my favorites.

        Go Niners!


  3. Joe,


    Shoot for the moon and offer the gig to Marc Salomon or Marc Powell.

    Unless you gots something against guys named ‘Marc’.

    You believe the Giants dumped Pillar?

    Gascon for LA District Attorney!