Boba Guys, the popular boba tea shop on 19th Street between Mission and Valencia, was broken into Monday night. It was the third time this year.

On Tuesday morning, its doors and windows were completely shattered. Nothing was filched from the store, according to the vendor’s Instagram account. But the owners were nevertheless exasperated — their windows are not all that’s broken, they argued.

“Our system is broken,” Boba Guys co-owner Andrew Chau wrote in a Tuesday post. “Going after one criminal isn’t going to fix the larger issue. We all know about the growing divide between the Have and Have Nots — in SF, in LA, and many major cities with massive income disparity.”

He said the store will be putting up metal gates from here on out. He wrote that he is considering putting up surveillance cameras (“we’ll see where that goes”) and perhaps going cashless. “As entrepreneurs, we are into solutions,” Chau wrote. “Irl [in real life], there is no Batman.”

Burglars broke into the store on Oct. 13 and made off with some cash. The store was also burglarized in June, according to Chau.

The San Francisco native said the city is turning into “Gotham,” Batman’s hometown, and Chau is also considering taking matters into his own hands. “It’s time we take our city back,” he wrote. “You’ll see us wearing the cape made out of our paper napkins and bamboo boba straw in our utility belt.”

“A little boba shop can stir shit up.”