A child was shot and killed early Monday morning near the 24th and Mission BART station, according to police. The victim has been identified by the medical examiner as Day’von Hann of San Francisco. He was 15.

Police responded just after midnight midnight to ShotSpotter activity outside GiroMex Financial Services on 24th and Capp. Officers who arrived at the scene saw a vehicle drive away, and were unable to apprehend the drivers during an active pursuit. Officer Curt Barr, a crime scene investigator who was still on the scene at 11 a.m. this morning, confirmed that multiple shots had been fired, and that, so far, no suspects have been identified or apprehended. 

Edgardo Campos, owner of the nearby J.J. Jewelers on 24th Street, said when he arrived to work this morning at 9 a.m. he was confronted with an active crime scene.

Jeweler Edgardo Campos’ store was hit with at least four shots in the barrage that killed 15-year-old Dayvon Hann. Photo by Annie Berman.

“They’d taped off the front of my shop,” he said, pointing out four fresh bullet holes in his windows and the mirror behind his workbench. Campos, who has operated his shop in the Mission District for more than three decades, said he wasn’t surprised by the shooting.

“I’ve been robbed three times in 30 years, and shot at one time,” he said. “Just four days ago, some boys shot at my shop with a paint gun, from a moving bus.” 

A bartender at the Napper Tandy bar a few doors down said she wasn’t working last night — but her coworker, who was, told her he heard the shots but assumed they were fireworks and thought nothing of it.

An investigation is still ongoing. This story will be updated as more information comes to light.