In his tenure on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Scott Wiener’s propensity for wading into city minutia earned him the nickname “The Tinkerer.”

Now a state senator, Wiener is done tinkering. His latest prospective housing bill, SB 50, could be transformative. The bill, which faces a make-it or break-it hearing today, would upzone vast swaths of the state, allowing multi-unit buildings into neighborhoods currently restricted to single-family housing.

This, Wiener tells Mission Local’s Miki Katoni, is the way to start chipping away at this state’s housing deficit.

Tenant organizers, however, see things differently. They claim SB 50 would be like dropping a gentrification bomb on California.

It all plays out in front of Katoni’s camera. And, all the while, housing is growing ever harder to obtain — and retain. — Joe Eskenazi

(Video by Miki Katoni)