After 91 years on Mission Street, Siegel’s Clothing Superstore is going out of business. 

The building was purchased in mid-November by William Chin of Venice Beach Townhome LLC. Although it’s unclear how much Chin ultimately spent, the building went on sale for $6.5 million in September. Chin could not be reached for comment.

Michael Gardner, the longtime owner of the haberdashery, declined to comment or confirm the store’s closure. But employees said on Monday morning the store would close by January. The store was also plastered with many signs that read: “STORE CLOSING. EVERYTHING MUST GO” and “BLOWOUT SALE.” These signs pledged that everything on the premises would be sold, down to the wall fittings.

This development contradicts everything a distraught Gardner told Mission Local in September when the building was initially listed for sale. He told us that his family trust would soon be taking the building off the market, as The Gardner Trust was no longer interested in selling it.

Also in September, Gardner insisted that if the building were sold, his clothing superstore would remain. “Siegel’s is not going anywhere,” Gardner pledged while standing in his shop.

The for-sale sign did eventually come down. A sale, however, proceeded. And now new signs have been posted that indicate that Siegel’s is, indeed, leaving Mission Street.  

At the Siegel’s Tuxedo Shop in Oakland, an employee said that store will remain open.

The San Francisco property, with a lot size of 5,400 square feet, cannot be demolished and redeveloped, as it possesses Class-A historic status. Its rental units include 12 studios and two one-bedroom apartments. Four of the studios, according to Paragon’s marketing materials preceding the sale, are vacant.

Siegel’s on Mission Street has occupied the ground floor of the building since at least the 1930s. The building was erected in 1926 and a Siegel’s sign appears in pictures of the corridor in 1936. The same sign remains today. 

But changes are afoot on the 2300 block of Mission. In other news, Darryl Kaplan, the longtime proprietor of Mission Jewelry and Loan, said he plans to close up shop by Christmas.

Siegel’s sign on the right of the photo. Streetcar Track Construction at Mission and 19th Streets Looking South | July 8, 1936.