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Buena Vista Horace Mann principal steps down

Principal Richard Zapien of Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8 will not return to his post this fall.

Like you, I am a parent of two and have chosen a different professional path that enables me to spend more time with my own family,” he wrote in a letter to parents on Monday.

Some parents, however, are questioning the timing of his departure, as Zapien was a key player in proposing a shelter for homeless families and students, which met its share of criticism.

There is a deep mistrust growing within the community with this administration and it is imperative it be addressed and that the new principal is properly briefed with an accurate state of the community,” one parent wrote in an email.

Others were pleased with his efforts. “Mr. Zapien has always embraced voices of poor and immigrant families — the parents and grandparents and guardians of our most vulnerable students,” said a woman named Patricia, a grandparent of two students at the school. “His efforts have made us feel that a democratic process involving all voices will yield the best results.”

It’s unclear who the new principal will be — and how that person will manage implementation of the new shelter that will host 20 homeless families in one of the school’s gyms.

Whoever it is, the new principal will have a lot on their plate. Buena Vista is a bilingual school with a diverse student body. It is the product of a 2011 merger between Buena Vista, a sought-after Spanish immersion elementary school, with Horace Mann, an underperforming middle school. In some ways, it is still searching for its identity. –JM

Scooters will stay in the new pilot program

First e-scooter companies, including Lime, Spin and Bird, must remove their scooters from all city streets and halt operations by June 4. Next, they must apply to be part of a program to put 1,250 scooters on the street in the first six months (up to 2,500 in the second six months) and agree to a long list of rules that will probably feel, to a lot of tech entrepreneurs, as constricting as a pair of too-small racing shorts. Oh, and they must share data. Apply here.  –LC


We’ve written a preview of the two-day festival here.  It starts Saturday on Harrison Street between 16th and 24th Streets, and then begins again on Sunday at 25th and Bryant Streets with the parade that moves down 24th and then onto Mission Street.  –LC

So much for a holiday weekend

The SFMTA says, “All parking meters in the City will be enforced on Memorial Day Holiday.”

Welcome Back, Boba Guys

Boba Guys went on hiatus earlier this year to expand into a vacant storefront next door. That expansion is now complete, and all the Mission’s Boba Guys fiends can get their fix again. Except, maybe now, the lines won’t be as long. –JM

If you’re in the mood for an art and wine pairing this weekend

Anthony Holdsworth hosts his monthly art exhibit this Sunday, May 27, in West Oakland. Anticipate vibrant and whimsical city and countryscapes from SF, Oakland, Italy and Mexico.

If Saturday doesn’t work, you can catch the last day of The Changing Cityscape exhibit on Sunday, May 28, at Luna Rienne Gallery in SF. You’ll find work by Beryl Landau and Anthony Holdsworth, which was highlighted in the SF Chronicle. –MN

Save the date: 20th St. Block Party on August 18

Noise Pop is set to host its 6th annual block party-style event, complete with music, food and art activities. Admission is free and the event benefits local nonprofit Mission Language and Vocational School. Check site for upcoming music and culinary lineup. –MN

Enjoy the long weekend!

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  1. Who are you talking to for this article? I am a parent, and also grandparent, with children at BVHM. Principle Zapien was a wonderful leader and moves on in his life. I wish him the best. This article, though, oddly presents his leadership and decision to transition for personal reasons in a context of “criticism” and “mistrust.” Richard – along with all administrators and teachers and the vast majority of parents, enthusiastically support the shelter for their homeless students. All of them also cherish Richard – his commitment and tireless dedication to students, teachers, and the entire operation of this community school.

  2. Also after 7 years the two schools are now completely integrated. Our graduation class has only known it as BVHM and have completed the entire program of Spanish immersion. It would be misleading to characterize it as, “searching for its identity”.

  3. RE: Buena Vista Horace Mann principal steps down
    The “growing distrust” seems to lie with the small faction of parents who oppose the shelter and have been fairly vocal using op ed pieces and claiming to represent the entire school. If you want to report this piece fairly and accurately you should consider coming by the school and interviewing some of the Spanish speaking families as well and not relying on biased submissions by people with an agenda.