Mixt, the salad-serving place, will open in a few weeks, but the La Rondalla signs will remain and will be refurbished in place, according to Leslie Silverglide, the co-founder and CEO of Mixt.

Our initial posting incorrectly assumed the signs were coming down permanently. My apologies for the error. Turns out they aren’t coming down at all, and will be restored without being removed. 

“We are definitely keeping the signs and believe they are an important part of the neighborhood,” Silverglide wrote in an e-mail. “The signs are in bad shape, so we are rebuilding them and adding Mixt, but the format will be the same.”

Right in front of La Rondalla is the old sign for a flower shop that remains, and I can’t even remember the flower shop being open. Does anyone?

Photo by Lydia Chávez

Just down the block, a restaurant kept the sign from an old records store.

Photo by Lydia Chávez.

And of course, there is Discolandia.