Mission between 20th & 21st, looking south in 1936. Note Big Glass mid block. Soon to be Lotus SF. Photo courtesy of SFMTA Archive. Thanks to Michael Nolan for passing it on.
Photo by Lola M. Chavez

Lotus SF, an Indian restaurant, will give a new face to the historic yellow building at 2434 Mission St. The venue used to be home to Big Glass, an Irish bar owned by Daniel McCarthy back when the Mission was an Irish neighborhood, and later became a retail space. As Michael Nolan, a reader and contributor, pointed out. Daniel was the father of Leo McCarthy, who went on to become Lieut. Governor of California and now has this center named for him. The new owners of the venue have already painted over the graffiti that covered the wall and have applied for a change of use permit, which means they are getting ready to open and welcome the public. CE

Peephole Cinema at 280 Orange Alley (off of 26th Street near Valencia) will be featuring “Looking Back” a collection of short films that range from one using found objects to another exploring the Greek myth in which Orpheus is given permission to rescue his wife Eurydice from the underworld. The catch is he can’t look back, but as we know, he can’t resist. LC

We Be Sushi on Valencia between 21st and 22nd streets turns 30 this week, according to a banner hanging outside the business’ window. Happy anniversary.

Lawrence Bakery Cafe is going to close indefinitely after selling bread, pastries and donuts to the community for more than 20 years. The owners were told a couple of months ago that they would have to leave the venue at 2290 Mission St. The building is going to get refurbished to comply with earthquake regulations and the owner does not think that the lease will be renewed to her. Furthermore, she added, there is no way that she will be able to afford the rent in the future with the way rents are rising. CE

Productos Naturales Georgina’s and Taqueria Cancun will not be affected by the earthquake reconstruction that will happen in 2290 Mission St. It appears that the building will be refurbished in sections. For the time being, the famous taco joint and Georgina’s will keep their doors open.  CE 

Sealand Trading Inc. at 2469 Mission St. has hung a yellow banner declaring that the store is closing. The lease ended and the owners could not afford to pay the new higher rent. They currently have a sale and are trying to sell as much merchandise as possible before they have to leave in the next few months. CE

Omar and Christian Hair Salon is opening a new venue at 22nd and Alabama streets on Sunday. The space used to be a laundromat and was sold to owners Omar and Christian “looking like a war zone,” with walls crumbling and debris everywhere. Omar and Christian have refurbished and transformed the old laundromat into a stylish salon with wooden floors and candelabra. They are confident that they will do well in the new space as they already have a well established group of customers and will be able to provide a new level of customer service. Furthermore, said Christian, salons are safer than retail stores because they provide a service that cannot be obtained online.

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  1. This article contradicts the common notion held by some Mission residents that the Mission was always an Hispanic neighborhood by pointing out that Lotus SF, an Indian restaurant, will give a new face to the historic yellow building at 2434 Mission St, a venue that “used to be home to Big Glass, an Irish bar owned by Daniel McCarthy back when the Mission was an Irish neighborhood. The same is true for the Castro, which has been a gay neighborhood only in the past several decades. The point is, neighborhoods in the City have changed ethnic character over time, and no one ethnic group has dominated for too long. So let’s get over the idea that any neighborhood “belongs” to just one group or another. We are a nation of immigrants, and that’s a good thing.