New Fnnch/Camer1 Murals on San Carlos at 19th

Finnch honey bear that spews colors. On Monday morning.

On Saturday muralists Finnch and Camer1 were out working on San Carlos at 19th Street and by Sunday the new murals were finished.

Fnnch to the far right.

Cameron working on his section.

Another shot of Cameron’s section

The left section of the mural that Cameron was working on.

The middle and right section that Fnnch had been working on.

Another Fnnch mural a block away on Lexington

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  1. Chuch Villa

    Sadly this mural covers up the sea turtles that use to be alongside this PG&E substation.It has been repeatedly tagged by a bunch of prejudice thugs who have targeted it with anti-gentrification sentiments. Let’s hope the next article talks about why there is a new mural. Isn’t this the same artist?

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