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Police report that a 21-year-old woman was shot and killed by a man on South Van Ness Avenue early Wednesday morning, the second homicide in the Mission District in the last week.

The woman was named Lisa Williams, according to the Medical Examiner, which said her city of residence could not be determined. Police released little information, pending further investigation, but said the shooting occurred at 2:47 a.m. on South Van Ness Avenue between 19th and 20th streets and involved a man of unknown age, a handgun, and a black car.

Williams was taken to the hospital, police reported, where she was pronounced dead. The police have not made an arrest.

A homeless man who camps near the intersection of 18th Street and South Van Ness Avenue told Mission Local that he initially heard two gun shots. He was awake, he said, because there were “working women hanging out” on the block where he sleeps. He said two women stood near his tent before he heard gunshots and were “trying to make contact with their pimp.” After the gunshots, the man said, “three others came running after the shots.”

“It was very close, because I heard it,” he said about the gunfire. “After the first two, more shots followed.”

Four residents on the block said that they heard gunshots. A resident who declined to give his name said that he heard “a lot of shots” and “a group of girls” screaming. He said that his sister, who was also in the house at the time of the shooting, saw a man fleeing the block shortly after the shots were fired.

Another resident said that she called the police after hearing five gunshots and added that there was a police unit stationed on 20th Street that was able to respond quickly.

The shooting follows that of Jermaine Jackson Jr., an employee with the Department of Public Works, on November 30 at the corner of 25th and Vermont streets. There is no indication the two are related.

Williams’s shooting is the seventh homicide in the Mission District this year.

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  1. I used to live at 18th and Capp for years. Those poor women are slaves. They will tell you stories that will give you nightmares. No one needs to live like that. Now they’re murdering them in the street. This has been a problem for decades. You want to improve quality of life in the Mission? Forget about criminalizing the homeless and use that zero tolerance on these violent pimps.

      1. By targeting violent pimps? Even in this town, I think people would be OK with it. I know I would and I’m the poster child for so-called “progressives.”

  2. This doesn’t surprise me. I live at 19th and South Van Ness and there are so many pimps in this neighborhood. My neighbors and I call the police all the time, and report there are pimps who are being aggressive with people walking the street. The police do NOTHING. The dispatcher will say “can you describe them?” I’m like yea, they look like a damn pimp! Get over here and do your job!

  3. The other shooting you mention, which took place at 25th & Vermont, east side of Potrero Ave. – wouldn’t that be considered Potrero and not the Mission. (Yes, it matters.)

    1. We consider anything from Dolores Street to the freeway to be in the Mission, but some people might consider it Potrero Hill.

        1. I like this website but you really have to start being more accurate. Julie C. has a point. Also, often times you post pictures of crimes on certain streets, “stock pictures” that are actually taken from other mission streets and NOT the street in which the crime occurred. This draws confusion, and implies messy reporting. Again, I like this site, but this is pushing me to go somewhere else. Just my two cents.

          1. As I said, we consider the other shooting to be in the Mission. We used a photo of candles for this shooting because we were not at the crime scene. We always use photos from the crime scene if we are there in time.

      1. The reason this matters is because of your tallies. Now you’re posting everywhere there have been 7 murders in the Mission. Or is it 6? What happens if there are, say, 4 more murders between Potrero Ave. and the freeway. Now according to Mission Local that would be 11 murders in “the Mission,” but others would say it’s really only 6. One possible fix: call it something like “the greater Mission.”