Update: Mission Local originally reported that the the Mission’s Goodwill store at 2279 Mission St. will close on August 21, but that date has been moved back to September 20.

Following the closure of Goodwill’s mid-market store on Thursday, the discount retailer’s smaller, location at 2279 Mission near 19th street is also set to close this summer after the building that housed it was sold.

Customers will have until September 20 to shop for donated household goods, clothing, and other necessities and can expect clearance sales, according to the store’s employees.

“Everybody is asking about our famous $2 and half-off sales,” said Goodwill employee Maria Zarate, adding that customers will be informed of upcoming deals in the weeks leading up to the store’s closure. “For now, we will consolidate the store with some of Goodwill’s other location as we search for another building to open in.”

But many Mission community members who shop at Goodwill regularly and depend on the store’s affordable prices expressed concern at its impending closure.

“Not everybody can afford to shop at Macy’s or JC. Penny’s, and the Goodwill has quality clothes at reasonable prices,” said customer Janice Mcbrian. “For those of us in the lower income bracket, it’s been a good way to do our shopping.”

Lynnette Fischer, who manages the Mission Goodwill, said that the store has “a lot of repeat customers” among the Latino, senior, and low-income communities who use the store.   

“Our customers’ main concern is whether or not we are going to open another store in this area,” said Fischer, adding that while “talks are in the works” of re-opening the store elsewhere in the neighborhood, “a location in the Mission is very hard to find.”

Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin consists of a network of 21 retailers and 33 donations sites and offers job opportunities and development programs to the communities in which it operates.  

“Last time I came here I bought almost 15 items – shirts, pants, and some dishes. I don’t know of other stores where I can afford to do that,” said Mission resident Natalia Parades. “This neighborhood is getting so expensive, and a lot of people who come here to shop don’t have a lot of money.”

Parades said that once the store shutters, she will turn to the Mission’s Salvation Army to shop for necessities. It’s unclear what will happen to the building on Mission Street.

“A lot of places of turned into condos,” she said. “They are running good people out of the Mission.”

Goodwill’s leadership did not immediately return calls for comment, but some of the store’s employees said that the retailer will likely be converted into a dental office.

“Goodwill is still searching with its investors for a new location,” said Zarate, adding that issues arose when the store’s current landlords expected the retailer to foot costs for repairs to the building.

“We don’t have that kind of money,” said Zarate. “We are asking for the public’s help in finding a new home and to keep their eyes open for a one or  two-story building with a landlord willing to take us in.”

Zarate said Goodwill provided her with her first job when she moved to the neighborhood 20 years ago, and she has been working for the franchise ever since. Beyond the store’s affordability, Zarate said the Mission location served as a hub for neighbors to meet and welcomed anyone who walked through its doors.

“People love the atmosphere here and how us girls handle the store,” said Zarate about the store’s predominantly female staff. “We chat about what’s going on in the neighborhood — some of our older customers say it’s like watching a TV show.”

“The Goodwill has been a part of my life, and it’s very much a part of the Mission,” added Zarate. “But we have to be open to changes.”

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  1. The “Mid-market” (actually Mission at South Van Ness) store did not close last Thursday. Please correct this mis-reporting. The only thing that closed was the dollar bin outlet behind the store. The store is open and according to more informed reporting, will be open until the end of the year.

  2. Two years ago, I read that the site had been sold and a highrise would be built there–a different story from this one. Did the sale fall through? Goodwill has long known it had to move, so why weren’t they looking for another location all this time? This store’s closing will create a tremendous void in the neighborhood.

  3. lies lies all lies a went in that store and thought I entered a third world country messy messy
    employees stand around picking their noses and on their personal phones instead of helping the customers farewell to goodwill (plus The Salvation Army thrift store is much better even the thrift store on Valencia had more class than goodwill does oh my don’t forget our lovely Thrift town thrift store right up the street) (come to think of it do we even need Goodwill to open back up in the mission)

    1. Yes, another example of the lies they tell, Obviously building expensive housing is going to help the neighbors get rid of this type of nose picking store, that has forever been a blight on the neighborhood and keeping the people living here from advancing to equality. What these noise-pickers have to be taught is that the way improve themselves is by build social contacts drinking six dollar coffee. Buying ill fitting shirts for three dollars a piece is just going to keep they forever down.. When will these people learn !!!!