Three film-loving organizations have teamed up to preserve the archived videos of the beloved Inner Sunset video shop Le Video, which announced its final closure today after months of struggling.

The Alamo Drafthouse, a Texas-based chain of cinemas that shows primarily independent and alternative films, has teamed up with producer Megan Ellison’s Annapurna Pictures to purchase Le Video’s collection.

The Drafthouse will then partner with Lost Weekend Video on Valencia Street to curate a selection of films from both archives to be accessed in the Drafthouse lobby. That location, inside the New Mission Theater, will open on December 17.

From an Alamo Drafthouse statement:

“The experience of going to my local video store when I was young made me the movie fan I am today,” says Drafthouse founder and CEO Tim League. “Despite the fact that great video stores like Le Video are closing all over the country, I am confident that a new iteration of the video store experience can exist and thrive even today. A passionate video store clerk can do what no algorithm can. He or she can recommend your new favorite movie, one that can’t be predicted from your past viewing habits.”