This rendering was as far as the 1979 Mission St. project — the so-called 'Monster in the Mission' — ever got.

Mission Local, along with numerous other media sources, were forwarded a flier by community member and activist Eddie Stiel announcing that Maximus Real Estate group is hosting a community meeting for their 331-unit, ten-story project proposed for 16th and Mission Streets.

In the announcement, Maximus explains that it will present its community benefit proposal, which will outline what the large project will do for the community to offset the impact of its construction:

This is an opportunity to learn about the innovative new plan being proposed by 1979 Mission to provide the Mission District with new housing at all income levels, stimulate business activity, increase open space and improve conditions for the neighborhood’s main elementary school.

The announcement lists Supervisor David Campos as one of the meeting’s sponsors—a fact that Stiel draws issue with and addresses to Campos’ office, which is also copied in his email.

“Because whether Maximus builds this proposed development is of the utmost importance to the future of the Mission District and who gets to live here, you should publicly clear up any confusion about your co-sponsorship of Maximus’ community meeting by disavowing your co-sponsorship of this imminent meeting, if that is indeed the case,” Stiel writes.

A statement in response by Campos Legislative Aide Nate Allbee says that the Supervisor’s Office is emphatically not a co-sponsor and did not consent to being listed as such. While they did originally agree to participate in the meeting, they’re now pulling out. Allbee writes:

We feel that listing our offices as a cosponsor misleads the public into thinking that we are supportive of the developers community benefits package – a package that we still don’t know the contents of. To rectify this misinformation I have informed the developer that our office we will not be attending this meeting.

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 4 at Laborers Local 261 Union Hall, 3721 18th Street at 6:30 p.m. This is a developing story and we’ll have more coverage in the coming days.

Update: Joe Arellano a spokesperson the 1979 Mission project reached out to Mission Local following the original publication of this story. He said that the project’s team erroneously listed Supervisor Campos as a sponsor after the Supervisor agreed to attend the meeting, they’ve since sent an apology to Campos’ office.

“We have apologized to Supervisor Campos’ staff for this mistake and in no way intended to imply that the Supervisor had taken a position about the project,” said Arellano.

1979 Mission Street Community Benefit Announcement

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  1. Is that the right address listed on the flyer because the 3700 block of 18th Street is occupied by Mission High School. 18th Street @ Shotwell is the 3200 block.

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