Known throughout the city for his advocacy for tenants’ rights, Ted Gullicksen, head of the San Francisco Tenants’ Union, died October 14. The Tenants’ Union will hold a memorial service for Gullicksen this Sunday, Nov. 16th in the Mission High School auditorium.

The service begins at 2 p.m. but guests will be admitted at 1:30 and are encouraged to arrive early. The event will feature speakers, a slideshow, poetry, music and T-shirts remembering the former director. The memorial is expected to last about 90 minutes. Time and weather permitting, refreshments will be served in the courtyard afterward.

Those who wish to remember Gullicksen with a donation to the Tenants Union may do so here, or can donate to a fund supporting Gullicksen’s now orphaned dog and mascot Falcor here.

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  1. Sorry but I wil not be attending. He was thoroughly
    Misguided about rent control and really caused a deep and unfortunately chasm between tenants and landlords in this city. The failure of Prop G is a fitting eulogy for this antiquated figure.

  2. He did make thousands of landlord’s rich. They should at least show their respects. Definitely will not see the working man there

    1. We speak the truth of the sins committed by the Rent Control Industrial Complex ™ of which gullicksen was a primary leader.

      1. Unfortunately – Karma what what first came to my mind when I heard the news.

        Talk about misguided – blame Ted G for your high rents. He was thoroughly misguided, and never compromised: this has hurt many a renter and homeowner.

        Will the same happen to Campos?

  3. He made my TIC more valuable,
    and he’s the reason I keep 5 units vacant in the City.
    RIP Ted – & see SF regain sanity for the people, no more factions btwn good landlords & good tenants.

    1. The previous comments are beyond words…shocking how much disrespect toward Ted even in death…Teds activism helped to preserve tens of thousands of tenants in their homes…without rent control, SF would see the displacement of literally tens of thousands of renters overnight…this is a FACT that cant be denied no matter what anti-rent control commentators say…

      1. Don’t be ridiculous, just think of all the good poeople who are not living in SF because dead beats steal the properties from the rightful owners and are unjustly enriched !

  4. I am shocked, disgusted and appalled at the comments people have made on this blog post.

    Whether or not you agreed with him politically, Ted Gullicksen was a HERO and a CHAMPION for renters whose only crime is that they can’t afford to buy San Francisco real estate—but wish to stay and contribute to a wonderfully diverse and progressive City that we love and call home.

    For decades, the San Francisco Tenants Union was an invaluable resource for tenants who were having trouble with their landlord get assistance—and help. Ted literally saved thousands of renters stay in their homes. Say what you want of his politics, but Ted HELPED people. And he never did it for his own ego—he did it for the tenants, plain and simple. That was his agenda.

    Today, our city is under attack by the real estate VULTURES who play with people’s homes like it was a casino and evict tenants who are standing between them and their filthy, obscene profits. One’s housing should never come at the expense of another, and it’s because of people like Ted Gullicksen that so many people still live in San Francisco and have not been priced out.

    How dare you insult Ted, when those of us who knew and loved him mourn his death—and are inspired to keep organizing and fighting. SHAME ON YOU!! Judging by how you have treated Ted, I hope that people say awful, inaccurate and mean-spirited things about you when you die.

    1. For the last time it’s not your HOME at the end of a lease. It belongs to someone else at the end of a lease, the person that OWNS the property. Greed is stealing other peoples property !

  5. You know what – he was my friend. And he was kind and good and hardworking. You don’t have to like him, or his lifetime of protecting tenants. But could you please have a modicum of respect for the feelings of the people who loved him. The cause of death is none of your damn business. Stand down jerks and show some decency. You all sound like a Fred Phelps chorus.

    1. Have some decency and respect the rights of property owners, instead of stealing those rights for your greedy self interests !

  6. A chorus of Fred Phelps’s cannot tarnish the good name of my good friend. I wish the moderators of this blog would remove hateful comments towards someone so recently and tragically lost. He was my friend. I will miss him for the rest of my life. That people can be so horrible and cruel in the face of this loss says more about them than it ever will about Ted.

  7. It is truly disturbing to see such vile comments. Just because you have the ability to hide behind your computer screen and be an immature troll, doesn’t give you any right to show such flagrant disrespect of the death of anyone or for those who are mourning his loss.

    I sincerely hope that no one is that cruel when it’s someone you care for, who passes.

    1. What good things could small property owners say about Ted?

      – Ted gave renters a false sense of entitlement to property that is not theirs (renting is in essence temporary. An owed cannot and will not provide housing at a low rate in perpetuity).
      – Ted’s ‘efforts’ WERE misguided, and have lead to the highest rents in the nation, and no middle class can afford to buy a home here anymore
      – Ted is the reason that tens of thousands of apartment are left vacant.
      – Ted has encouraged the activists in the wrong way. They do not come to the table to work together, they come only to take! The greed is theirs!

      The SFTU needs balance – something that will not come from the 12 activists who run around town screaming. How about they work and save for a building and then rent it under the current ‘regime’!?

      We have many good renters and good landlords in this town – they should NOT be punished for being fair to each other. We need regulations that do not punish either party when they act in good faith.

      So long Ted RIP. Your experiment is over.

  8. Where is my comment:

    Look peeps, Ted was also a political figure, a major contributor to San Francisco’s twisted Rent Control Industrial Complex(tm). So expect some blow back.

    Can’t take the heat? Get out of the kitchen. I’m sure Ted can handle it. I even went easy on him post mortem too.

  9. Rent control cry babies can sure toss out a lot of bile, but they sure can’t take is in their direction…

  10. To Bob Evans and all the other anti-rent control proponents, please remember your local SF renter/property owner history.

    Left out of the above discussion is the reason/purpose for SF’s 1981 Rent Stabilization Ordinance in the first place.

    The reason the SF Board of Supervisors passed a rent control ordinance in 1981—signed by then mayor Dianne Finestein at the time—was because rental property owners were jacking up rents arbitrarily without any consideration for SF tenant’s financial situation…rents were skyrocketing at the time with NO END IN SIGHT during the period between 1979-1981.

    THAT IS THE REASON WHY RENT CONTROL WAS ENACTED! Renters were crying out for relief! This situation was not only confined to SF but the entire Bay Area.

    Berkeley, San Jose, Hayward, Palo Alto, etc also passed local rent stabilization ordinances in response to arbitrary, skyrocketing rents across the Bay Area. Rental property owner’s unreasonableness was to blame for this situation.

    Ill have more to say on this subject in a future message. But the purpose of rent control is to prevent arbitrary, unreasonable rent increases leading to mass tenant dislocation.

    Rental property ownership is a BUSINESS, subject to prevailing local regulations just like any other business in SF like restaurants, stores, shops, etc

    1. Chris, no offense, but what are you smoking? THE REASON rents went up a lot in the late 70’s was due to high inflation! Not landlords going wild. Remember, there is a thing called the marketplace. I have non RC units. If I raise the tent too high guess what, no one rents them. Also, when RC was enacted it was supposed to be a temporary measure, until inflation subsided, which it did. RC stayed, and now we have some people milking their landlords for super cheap rents, and not all of them need it (i.e. Some have high incomes but still benefit from being long time renters.) not.exactly.fair.

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