At Fair Oaks. Photo by DaRahn Quinn

Update Thursday October 23:

Traffic is still blocked on 21st Street. An aggravated reader sent us a new photo:

Traffic blocked on 21st Street for the second day in a row. Photo courtesy of Mission Local reader.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more updates. We’ll do our best to keep you apprised of this ongoing situation.

Original post Wednesday October 22: 

Motorists trying to make a turn onto 21st Street from Dolores or Fair Oaks will be unable to do so today as 21st Street between Dolores and Fair Oaks has been blocked off for more construction at Mark Zuckerberg’s new Mission crib.

The good news is that motorists will only be inconvenienced for today, according to the construction workers.

A neighbor on the way to work alerted us to the situation. Apparently, the neighbor also has a video of a “noisy” Saturday. We’ll wait for that, but for now, we offer only this traffic report on Mt. Zuckerberg.

At Dolores St. Photo by Da Rahn Quinn

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  1. so tired of the waste with the constant remodels and the disturbance of peace=never ending sound of jackhammers and banging cranes–7am to 5pm. stop the stupid remodels now! I’ve got 10 on my street alone….

  2. I am really happy that anyone who can afford to upgrade their home in San Francisco, is doing so. It helps tons of families in the bay area that are employed in the construction industry. Keep those projects coming! The inconvenience is a bummer, but I am sure no one is crying about the property values either.