Saturday night on Mission Creek.  The biggest game of an unusually crazy baseball season. We had witnessed the best of the Giants, and the worst of the Giants. But with all the ups and downs, injuries, comebacks,  meltdowns, spectacular catches, timely hits, terrible pitches, and a rookie sensation, on Saturday night, the Giants were playing the Los Angeles Dodgers who they trailed by only one game in the division. Wow.

On Friday night, the Giants crushed L.A. 9-0.  On Sunday Dodger ace Clayton Kershaw was pitching. Since 2009, Kershaw has owned the Giants. So if the Giants were going to win the series and stay close in the standings, a win Saturday would be key.

The Giants lost 17-0.

17-0? Baseball? Right. One of the worst defeats in franchise history.

The hometown highlight? Manger Bruce Bochy’s boy, Brett made his first appearance in a big league game. He pitched an inning and a third, gave up a two-run home run and walked in a one more. Seemed to fit right in with the weirdest Giant pitching staff since the Barry Bonds era.

The next day humbled again by Kershaw.

The game is baseball. The Dodgers clearly look to be the superior team, but the game is baseball. Break out the amulets and try to remember the secret spells. Thirteen games remain, three in Los Angeles.

Update: As of Wednesday morning, the Giants continue to trail the Dodgers by 3 and lead the wildcard by 2.5. Eleven games remain.