Not So Lucky at Lucky 13

Dave West, 42, in the garage he rents to store and work on his motorbikes. The garage is scheduled for demolition to make room for a three-story single-family dwelling. Photo by Andrea Valencia

Dave West, 42, is a motorcycle mechanic who every few years finds himself looking for a place where he can fix and store his mopeds and motorcycles. Three years ago he came across Lucky 13, a garage in the alley at 24th and Lucky streets that he eventually ended up leasing as a workshop.

Now, he will have to look again. When West signed his lease in 2011, he knew the owner wanted to build a home soon and now that time has come. The owner has filed all the necessary permits to demolish the garage and build a three-story single family home with a skylight.

West, who has lived on 24th and Shotwell for the past 12 years, is now getting ready to sell bike parts through eBay motors. West acknowledges that it will be hard to find another place like this anywhere in the city, but prefers to look on the upside.

“The good side of moving is getting rid of that pack-rat mentality and [start] moving stuff,” he said, pointing to a run-down moped in the corner. “For 50 bucks I would get rid of that one; just needs new rims and it works just fine.”

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